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Privately held
Founded 1957
Founder Daniele Perazzi
Headquarters Brescia, Italy
Products Custom shotguns
Owner Daniele Perazzi
Number of employees

Perazzi is a manufacturer of precision shotguns from Brescia, Italy.[1] The company sells hunting and sporting models of shotguns in the over-and-under and side-by-side varieties. The manufacturer is noted for their removable trigger groups, high quality, and high prices (US$7,500–440,000). Its founder is Daniele Perazzi, and his family owns and operates it. The company sells American Trap, American Skeet, Olympic and Doubles Trap, Olympic Skeet, Pigeon and Sporting models.

Perazzi shotguns are widely used by Olympic competitors, including Kim Rhode, who won a gold medal in Atlanta in 1996 and another gold in Athens in 2004.[2] Rhode uses a Perazzi 12-gauge (model MX12) for competition.[3] Vice President Dick Cheney was using a 28-gauge Perazzi shotgun when he accidentally shot Harry Whittington in 2006.[4]


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