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Percussion Software Inc.
Industry Computer software
Founded 1994
Founder Barry Reynolds
John Devine
Alan Matthews
Headquarters Woburn, Massachusetts, United States
Key people
Deidre Diamond, CEO
Mark Somol, CFO
Dan Flanigan, VP Products
Garry Baer, VP Engineering
Audra Ryan, VP Customer Success
Nancy Devine, VP Human Resources
Products Percussion CMS, CM System
Services Joint Implementation Services
Divisions Professional Services Organization

Percussion Software, Inc. is a web content management software company headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts. Percussion Software was founded in 1994[1] in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Since 2000, Percussion Software has developed web content management software.[2] The industries served by Percussion Software include higher education, state and local governments, government agencies, and commercial businesses.[3]

Company History and Information[edit]

Percussion Software, Inc. started with Notrix and Notrix Composer for EDA/SQL in 1994. Notrix PowerTool was released in 1996. The Notrix products are now managed by Axceler.[4][5]

Percussion Software was named one of The 100 Top Companies in the Digital Content Industry according to Econtent.[6]

In April 2013, Percussion Software was named a "Hot Vendor in Content Management and Collaboration for 2013" in a report by Aragon Research.[7]


Percussion CMS (CM1)[edit]

Percussion CMS (also known as CM1) is a content management system designed for non-technical users to allow marketers to manage their web content marketing without relying on IT or web developers. CM1 utilizes a set of widgets and gadgets to allow users to assemble their website and expand the functionality of the product without requiring custom coding.[8]

Percussion partnered with DivvyHQ to offer advanced editorial calendar functionality into the content planning and production process.[9]


Percussion CMS is a browser based web content management system that provides a visual, drag & drop interface, combined with features like workflow, roles, shared assets, and versioning, as an out-of-the-box web content management (WCM) product.[10]

Percussion CMS offers the patent-pending LiveFirst migration tool as a way for organizations to migrate existing website content onto their platform quickly, and with the ability to re-launch in a short time span and without prior development.[11]

Version 3.3 of Percussion CMS, released in October 2013 included two new features: built-in responsive page templates and the Widget Builder utility for creating custom widgets that allow users to add functions and configurations not automatically included in the product.[12]

Percussion CM System (Rhythmyx)[edit]

Rhythmyx is a browser-based system, which means that it requires no special software to be installed on the user’s computer. All that is required is a web browser and access to the internet. The system is supported on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.


Legend: Old version Older version, still supported Current version Latest preview version Future release
Version Release date Notes
Old version, no longer supported: 5.5 November 2004 None
Old version, no longer supported: 5.6 August 2005 None
Old version, no longer supported: 5.7 November 2005 None
Old version, no longer supported: 5.7.1 November 2006 Urgent fixes to 5.7
Old version, no longer supported: 6.0 September 2006 None
Old version, no longer supported: 6.1 January 2007 None
Old version, no longer supported: 6.5 May 2007 None
Old version, no longer supported: 6.5.2 October 2007 None
Old version, no longer supported: 6.6 January 2009 None
Old version, no longer supported: 6.6.1 April 2009 None
Old version, no longer supported: 6.7 June 2009 None
Old version, no longer supported: 7.0 October 2011 None
Old version, no longer supported: 7.1 April 2012 None
Current stable version: 7.2 September 2012 None
Current stable version: 7.3 July 2013 None
Future release: 7.4 TBD None

Pros and Cons compared to other CMS systems[edit]

Percussions Rhythmyx 5 provides all the flexibility and capability one would expect from a high-end content management application, without sacrificing usability. Excellent standards support and customization options mean it can meet almost any sites needs. Rhythmyx 5 is priced reasonably for a high-end content management system, although its higher than most enterprise applications.[13]


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