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Percussive Arts Society (PAS) is a non-profit[1] organization[2] for professional percussionists and drummers, as well as drum and percussion educators. It was founded in 1961 in the United States and has over 5000 members in 40 American chapters, with another 28 chapters abroad.[3] It is headquartered in Indianapolis.[4]PAS hosts a large convention annually for percussive artists, students, and educators[5] called the Percussive Arts Society International Convention or PASIC.[6][7] The convention has been running yearly since 1976. PAS also holds an annual indoor marching festival which includes Drum Corps International participants.[8][9] PAS developed an influential list of drum rudiments called the PAS 40 International Snare Drum Rudiments, which are considered to be the current standard reference on the subject.[9]

PAS Hall of Fame[edit]

The PAS Hall of Fame recognizes percussionists for their body of work, achievements, and or service to the organization. It was founded in 1972.[10]



  • Percussive Notes
  • Rhythm! Scene
  • Percussive Notes Online Research Edition
  • Percussionist


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