Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí

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Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí
Directed by Dunia Ayaso and Félix Sabroso
Written by Dunia Ayaso and Félix Sabroso
Starring Jordi Mollà
Pepón Nieto
Roberto Correcher
Alonso Caparrós
Mariola Fuentes
Lucina Gil
Gracia Olayo
María Pujalte
Ferran Rañé
Esperanza Roy
Music by Miguel Ángel Santamaría
Running time
92 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí (English title: Excuse Me Darling, But Lucas Loved Me) is a film directed by Dunia Ayaso and Félix Sabroso in 1997. The film was considered an ensemble comedy in which the characters involved in the plot were taken to the extreme as far as stereotypes are concerned. This caused some criticism that it exaggerated accused gay characters, to which the directors responded that also heterosexual characters were exaggerated, and based on clichés. Still, it was one of the highest grossing of the nineties, despite being filmed on a budget


Until Lucas appeared in their lives, Dani, Carlos and Toni had a quiet existence without major concerns. They shared almost everything: the house, housework, dogs, his homosexual tendencies and debts. It was these that forced them to rent one of the bedrooms of your apartament. Then came Luke, with his long hair, his charming smile, and his muscular body to completely change the life and destiny of their lovers home. Lucas appears dead but ... Who killed him? All had reasons for doing so, or maybe none.


Actor Personaje
Alonso Caparrós Lucas
Jordi Mollà Toni
Pepón Nieto Carlos
Roberto Correcher Dani
Gracia Olayo Estrella
Esperanza Roy Juliana
Ferran Rañé Miguel
Lucina Gil Clara
María Pujalte Maricarmen
Concha Cortés Catherine
Mariola Fuentes Tere

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