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Pere Esteve i Abad
Deputy for Trade, Tourism and Consumer Affairs at the Generalitat de Catalunya
In office
17 December 2003 – 15 October 2004
Preceded by Antoni Fernández i Teixidó
Succeeded by Josep Huguet
Personal details
Born 26 December 1942
Tiana (Maresme, Barcelona Province)
Died 10 June 2005(2005-06-10) (aged 62)
Barcelona (Barcelonès)
Political party CDC

Pere Esteve i Abad (26 December 1942 - 10 June 2005) was a Catalan Spanish politician, belonging to the political organisation Catalunya 2003 (now dissolved), who became Deputy of Trade, Tourism and Consumer Affairs at the Catalan regional Government proposed by the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) party, with which he ran to the autonomic elections of the 2003. He resigned in October 2004 due to health reasons.

Life overview[edit]

Industrial Engineer by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He taught Electronics and State Machines. He also has worked as director in the private sector, and has been an associated in industrial corporations and consulting services companies. He has written several papers and a book, named Estratègia per Catalunya.

Civic background[edit]

Between 1965 and 1968 he made up youth people associations as well as Christian movements. In 1974 he roled in the pre-political group Amics de Tiana (Friends of Tiana), where he left the following year.

He has been the President of the Associació d’Enginyers Industrial de Catalunya (Industrial Engineers Association of Catalonia), and founded and chaired ICT and ICICT.

Political background[edit]

He enrolled in Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya in 1976. He was town councillor in Tiana, CDC's National Consultant as well as Spokesperson and General Secretary of CDC (from 1996 to 2000). He also chaired the Fundació Ramon Trias Fargas (Ramon Trias Fargas Foundation). On 25 September 2002 he resigned all his offices and left CDC.

On 27 November 2003 he joined others to found the Associació Catalunya 2003 (Catalonia 2003 Association) and joined ERC.

Institutional background[edit]

His most relevant charges are:

Political offices
Preceded by
Antoni Fernández Teixidó
As Minister of Employment, Industry, Trade and Tourism
Minister of Trade, Tourism and Consumer Affairs of the Generalitat de Catalunya
2003 – 2004
Succeeded by
Josep Huguet
Party political offices
Preceded by
Miquel Roca i Junyent
General Secretary of CDC
1996 – 2000
Succeeded by
Artur Mas


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