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Family name
Coat of arms associated to Pereira surname
Meaning "pear tree"
Region of origin Portugal
Related names Da Pereira, Dapereira, Pereyra, Pereiras, Pereyras, Perera, Pereire, Peral, Perales and others
The coat of arms of Saint Nuno Álvares Pereira. The cross, which is a cross flory voided, is a common charge found in the coats of arms of Pereira families, as are the red and white colours.
The coat of arms of Diego Pereira d'Aguilar, a baron of the Holy Roman Empire and privy councilor to the Crowns of the Netherlands and Italy.

Pereira is a common surname in the Portuguese and Galician as well as Sephardic languages, namely in Portugal, Galicia, Brazil and other regions of the former Portuguese Empire.

It was originally a noble Christian toponym of the Middle Ages, taken from the feudal possession of Pereira, Portugal, which in Portuguese means 'pear tree'.

The name also exists in variations such as Pereyra, Perera, Perer, Pereire, Pereyre, Pireyre, Piraire, Pirayre, Pereiri, Poirier, Poireau, Poirel, Poirieux, Perreux, Peyrieux, Poirot, Perisset, Périssel, Pireddu, Poircuitte, Poireau, Poirel, Poiraud, Poirault, Poireaud, Poireault, Poireaux, Poirelle, Peral, Perales, Del Peral, Perals and others. In Portugal there are some families with variations of the name although Pereira is by far the most common. The variants of this name are more commonly found in other countries such as Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, India (specifically Goa) and Sri Lanka. Pereire, for example, is a French variant. Many Portuguese immigrants to the United States, especially Massachusetts, chose to "Americanize" their surname to Perry.



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