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The Jewish name Peretz (Hebrew פרץ) may refer to the following people:

in the Hebrew Bible:

as a modern given name:

as a surname:

Other similar names[edit]

  • Perec (a Slavonic name)
  • Perutz
  • Pérez (in Spanish), Peres (in Galician and Portuguese) and Peris (in Catalan) are typical Iberian family names with at least two distinct origins: One connected with the patronymic for "child of Peter" (son of "Pedro", "Pero", or "Pere" respectively), the other as the Iberian forms of the Hebrew family name Peretz. It was adopted as a family name by Sephardi Jews families during a time of religious intolerance (1318 c.e.) in the Iberian Peninsula. The name is also one of the names of the Messiah in Rabbinic tradition. It is a common family name among descendants of Spanish Jewish families that converted during the Inquisition.