Peretz (TV channel, Russia)

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Peretz (TV channel, Russia)
Launched June 7, 1999 (as a DTV)
October 17, 2011 (as Peretz)
Country  Russia

Peretz (Rus. for pepper) is a Russian Federal television channel. Etheric Grid is based on the original recreational programs of its own production and popular Russian and Western serials. Began broadcasting June 7, 1999 and called "Darial-TV" C 2007 and became known as "DTV" It broadcasts in over 400 cities Russia. Technical penetration of the channel is 72.5% (in 2010).

History of channel[edit]

Originally the concept was understood that the channel will be entirely devoted to the good, without porn, sex or violence. Prior to the acquisition of Viasat 'on the channel was virtually no new TV programmes: replays were shown of the "Everyone's lips," and the old Soviet movies.

In 2001 Natalia Daryalova and her father Arkady Vainer, sold the channel Modern Times Group.[1] After the sale, the original name of the channel ("Darial-TV") was changed to a less personalized – DTV. The new owners had re-branding, in which were modified logo and design, as well as the concept of channel.

At the same time the founder of the channel Arkady Vainer criticized the actions of the new owners "for the emergency unemployment creative units of the former" Darial-TV "and the creation of the moral and legal channel" TV for the stallions"

In 2002 the channel had difficulty with the renewal license for the television frequency caused by the actions of previous owners,[2] and also because of the demonstration of hidden advertising of alcoholic beverages, and absenteeism in the air.[3] Due to violations of the conditions of broadcasting frequency was twice put up for competition – in November 2002 (declared invalid). The ether was stored for 5 years.

On February 1, 2003 launched the concept of "7 thematic channels in one, which has since run its course.

In 2005–2007 was created and shown series of documentary films, "How went idols"

After buying the TV channel "CTC Media" held rebranding and changing the letters «DTV» on Cyrillic. The inscription «VIASAT» has been removed. According to Rodnyansky, "the channel will be completely native and will be able to show more Russian films and TV series."

October 17, 2011 DTV channel conducted a large-scale rebranding changed the name to "Peretz" (Russian: Перец) and decided to completely change the concept of the channel. According to Dmitry Troitsky (the new CEO of the channel, previously worked at the STS and TNT,[4]) «Peretz" – a burning TV, "the first lightweight adult channel for those who have stayed in the shower Drive», which show will be supported by CTC Media.

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