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Ruhr Reggae Summer Mülheim 2014 Perfect 01.jpg
Perfect at Ruhr Reggae Summer 2014 in Mülheim
Background information
Birth nameGreg Rose
Also known asPerfect, Mr. Perfect, Little Ninja, Perfect Giddimani
Born (1980-03-26) 26 March 1980 (age 39)
OriginSt Ann's Bay/Parish, Jamaica
Occupation(s)Singer, Record producer
Years active2000-present
LabelsGiddimani Records, VP Records

Greg Rose (born 26 March 1980), better known by his stage name Perfect Giddimani, Mr. Perfect or simply Perfect is a Jamaican reggae singer. Who has gained worldwide recognition for his reggae hit "Hand Cart Bwoy" which entered the Jamaican charts in 2004 and created a wave of support for local peddlers who ply their wares in the markets and on the streets.[1][2][3]


Perfect (born Greg Rose) is the third child in a family of four children. He grew up in Bamboo, a community located in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica.[3] Perfect recorded his first tune as Little Ninja, before changing his stage name to Mr. Perfect then subsequently Perfect Giddimani.

Perfect Giddimani portrait © Taylor Sperring

Perfect Giddimani began deejaying on a sound system called "Trend Setter" which originated in Bamboo where he lived. It was for this sound system that he recorded his first set of dubplates. He attended York Castle High School before relocating to Kingston. The first song that highlighted his name was "Lock Me Up" in 2004 but his break through came with "Hand Cart Bwoy" in 2005. He released his first album Giddimani, the next year. The Austrian record label Irie vibrations released his second album Born Dead With Life, in 2008.[3][4]

In April 2017, Perfect Giddimani was featured on Young Shanty's EP titled Chalice Row or Dig a Hole which debuted on Billboard's Reggae Album Charts at Number 1. This EP was produced by Giddimani Records, founded in late 2009 by Rose, in collaboration with Chalice Row Unlimited based in California.[5][6]

On 7 July 2017, Perfect Giddimani released his 11th studio album titled Live My Life Again. This fifteen track album released by Giddimani Records, debuted at number 1 on Billboard's Reggae Albums chart for the week of September 2, 2017. It spent 3 consecutive weeks on the charts going from 1 to 5 then up to 3 as the charts greatest gainer for the week of September 16, 2017. This album also entered the Billboard Independent albums chart peaking at 38.[7][8][9][10]

Awards and Accomplishments[edit]

Billboard Chart Appearances[edit]

Year Artist Title Chart Category Peak Position Role
2017 Perfect Giddimani “Live My Life Again" Billboard Reggae No. 1 Artiste / Producer [7][10]
2017 Perfect Giddimani “Live My Life Again" Billboard Independent Albums No. 38 Artiste / Producer [9][10]
2017 Young Shanty “Chalice Row or Dig a Hole" Billboard Reggae No. 1 Producer [5][6]



Studio Albums
Title Release date Label Format
Giddimani (European Version) 21 July 2006 DHF Records CD, Digital Distribution
Giddimani (US Version) 21 July 2006 DHF Records CD,Digital Distribution
Born Dead With Life 25 July 2008 Irievibration Records CD,Digital Distribution
French Connection 27 November 2009 Irievibrations, Tiger Records (9) CD,Digital Distribution
Karma 2009 Chalice Palace Music CD,Digital Distribution
Back For The First Time 19 July 2011 Lustre Kings CD,Digital Distribution
Journey Of 1000 Miles 22 May 2012 Dynasty Records (8) CD,Digital Distribution
Over The Top 10 September 2013 House Of Riddim Records CD,Digital Distribution
Better Off Dread 15 April 2014 Giddimani Records CD,Digital Distribution
Reggae Farm Work 4 March 2016 Irie Ites CD,Digital Distribution
Live My Life Again 7 July 2017 Giddimani Records CD,Digital Distribution


Title Label Release year Format
”Burn Down Babylon" Builders 2000 7-inch Vinyl
”The Song of the Rastaman" One Love 2003 7-Inch Vinyl
”She Wants Rasta" Commissioner 2004 7-Inch Vinyl
”Talk Black Marcus" Down Sound Records 2004 7-Inch Vinyl
”Rainbow" Loyal Soldiers Production 2004 7-Inch Vinyl
”Hand Cart Bwoy" Rebel Muzic 2004 7-Inch Vinyl
”All Fi Dem Self" Chalice Palace Music 2004 7-Inch Vinyl
”Bush Baby" Loyal Soldiers Production 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Word, Power and Sound" Grillaras 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Till The Soul" Ball A Fire Muzik 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Hit Dem" Chalice Palace Music & Tiger Records 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Lion Awake" Free Willy 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”For My Family" Delperies Records 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Nah Vote" Arrows Records 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”My Herbs" Stone Love 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”For Sure" Down Sound Records 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Dirty Shame" Purple Skunk Records 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Johnny Trim" Our Promotion 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Economical Crises" Dream Entertainment 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Shoulda Neva" No Doubt Records 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Take Me Home" Irievibrations Records 2005 7-Inch Vinyl
”Mama" Voice Stream Productions 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Free Up" Down Sound Records 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Nah Vote (Remastered)" Arrows Records 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Born & Raise (Perfect & Singing Flasher)" Yellow Moon Records(2) 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”When I’m Talking" Tiger Records 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”My Words" Mista Wilks 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Love Bird" Irievibrations Records 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Few #2" Time Travel Productions 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Just For Love Sake" Tiger Records 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Love Is What You Need" Special Delivery Music 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Sweet and Black" Camp Fire Productions 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Mama Earth" Palm Of Gold 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Nuh Badda Me" Pure and Clean 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Sinting" Blaque Warriahz Muzik 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Love You Girl" Ice-Berg Records 2006 7-Inch Vinyl
”Jamaica is Paradise" GT Muzik 2007 7-Inch Vinyl
”Good To Smoke" Blenders Finest 2007 7-Inch Vinyl
”30 Pieces" Irievibration Records 2007 7-Inch Vinyl
”Light This Joint" Irie Ites Records 2007 7-Inch Vinyl
”One Life" Irie Ites Records 2007 7-Inch Vinyl
”Journey(Perfect & Chezidek)" Irievibrations Records 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”Pretty Butterfly" Stainless Records 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”Unlock" Irievibrations Records 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”Life in Living" Kings of Kings 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”Revolution" Lionart Records 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”Irie Ites" Irie Ites Records 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”No Sorry" Born Fire Music 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”Lively Up (Anthony B & Perfect)" Irievibrations Records 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”Can’t Touch Me" African Beat Records 2009 7-Inch Vinyl
”10 Pounds of Ganja" African Beat Records 2009 7-Inch Vinyl
”Pass it Over" Weedy G Soundforce 2009 7-Inch Vinyl
”Can’t Get Over This" Young Veterans 2009 7-Inch Vinyl
”I Smoke A Spliff" Blenders Finest 2009 7-Inch Vinyl
”Money Can’t Buy Love" Weedy G Soundforce 2010 7-Inch Vinyl
”Bawl" Supersonic Sound 2010 7-Inch Vinyl
”Reggae Music" African Beat Records 2010 7-Inch Vinyl
”Everyone" In The Streets Records 2011 7-Inch Vinyl
”Cyaan Lock We Off" Sound Quake 2011 7-Inch Vinyl
”Aba Simba" 80100 2012 7-Inch Vinyl
”Be Hopeful" Boom Shak Records 2012 7-Inch Vinyl
”Bomboclaat " Irie Ites Records 2012 7-Inch Vinyl
”Good Personality" Red Strike Records 2012 7-Inch Vinyl
”Country Cousin " House Of Riddim 2012 Digital Distribution
”T.G.I.F. " Fireman Crew 2012 Digital Distribution
”Born To Rule" Skyman Productions 2012 Digital Distribution
”Only Haile Alone " Oneness Records/Family Music 2012 Digital Distribution
”Roots For Me " Dynasty Records/VP Records 2012 Digital Distribution
”Herbs For Me" Greezzly Productions 2012 Digital Distribution
”Champions Anthem" Superfly Studio 2013 7-Inch Vinyl
”Cyaan Cool" Ragga Meridional Crew 2013 Digital Distribution
”Bet You've Never Seen This " KaceOne Entertainment 2013 Digital Distribution
”Save A Little Bit " Batelier Records/Flavour Production 2013 Digital Distribution
”Weed Is Better Than Liquor" Lustre Kings Productions 2013 Digital Distribution
”Big Vibez Forward " Weedy G Soundforce/VPAL Music 2013 Digital Distribution
”Love In My Soul " Soul Chordz Productions 2013 Digital Distribution
”Laugh" Undisputed Records/Brimstone 2013 Digital Distribution
”Middle Finger" Skyman Selecta Productions 2013 Digital Distribution
”Road To Zion " WeedyG SOundforce/VPAL Music 2013 Digital Distribution
”Dogs and Pussies" Weedy G Soundforce/VPAL Music 2013 Digital Distribution
”Rockstone Highway" Giddimani Music 2013 Digital Distribution
”Straight To Mi heart" Irie Ites Records 2014 7-Inch Vinyl, Digital Distribution
”Smoke Alarm" Royal Orders Music 2014 7-Inch Vinyl
”Party" Niyahfyah Records 2014 Digital Distribution
”Party (Electro house Remix) " Niyahfyah Records 2014 Digital Distribution
”Oh Johnny" Trainline Records 2014 Digital Distribution
”A Reason " Jugglerz Records 2014 Digital Distribution
”Hail The King" May.b Unity 2014 Digital Distribution
”Bad Boy" House Of Riddim 2014 Digital Distribution
”Mama Africa" HOR/Kathmandu Productions 2014 Digital Distribution
”Dance To This" Jugglerz Records 2014 Digital Distribution
”No More Crying" International Highpower Records 2014 Digital Distribution
”Giddimani Again" Struttingbeats Records 2014 Digital Distribution
”Alien" Wadadda Muzik 2014 Digital Distribution
”Kutchie Cup" Wadadda Muzik Ltd. 2014 Digital Distribution
”The System (feat. Pampi Judah)" Papa Noah Productions 2014 Digital Distribution
”Where It All Began" Weedy G Soundforce/VPAL Music 2014 Digital Distribution
”Just An Ounce Ounce" West Coast Studios 2014 Digital Distribution
”Bombaclat" Bikini Ape 2014 Digital Distribution
”At Di Controls" Superfly Studio 2014 Digital Distribution
”The People We Are" Lustre Kings Productions 2014 Digital Distribution
”Don't Be Afraid" Green Lion Crew 2014 Digital Distribution
”Wet Dem Up" Fireside Entertainment 2014 Digital Distribution
”Golden Touch" Pete Music unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”So Much" Taxi unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”She Wants Rasta" Commissioner unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Like To Get You Wet" Down Sound Records unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Grow Yuh Natty" Frenz unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Golden Touch" Vikings Production unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Haile Selassie" Lion Vibes Sound and Music unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Lock Mi Up" Intouch Music unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Corner Stone" MX Productions unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Bobo Nuh Shave" Star Track Music unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Amerimaka" Chalice Palace Music unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Do Good" Studio 55 unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Nothing Matter Me" Soundbank Music unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”All I’ve Got" Yellow Moon Records(2) unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Them A Move Like Nookie" Heart Of Love unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Life Is The Greatest" Ice-Berg Records unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Junju Claat" Jam II Records unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Eighty Gangsters" Addis Records unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”R over X Way" Free Willy unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Thats The Way" Free Willy unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Ganja Spliff" Tads International unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Slave Master" Togetherness Records unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Time Getting Red" New York Entertainment Movement unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Gone With The Wind" Studio 55 unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”High Grade Tree" Rebel Muzic unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Them Bad Mind" Kickin Productions unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Mark Of The Beast" Kickin Productions unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Found True Love" Voice Stream Productions unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Bed Room Fan" Intouch Music unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”Crusing" The Worthington Project unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”World Trade Center" Ice-Berg Records unknown 7-Inch Vinyl
”New Day" Studio 55 unknown 7-Inch Vinyl


  • 2008: 30 Pieces
  • 2009: Dear Mr. President
  • 2009: The Perfect Mixtape
  • 2011: Giddimani Nah Drop


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