Perfect Man (Shinhwa album)

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Perfect Man
5th album cover.jpg
Perfect Man cover
Studio album by Shinhwa
Released 29 March 2002 (2002-03-29)
Recorded 2002
Genre K-pop, R&B
Language Korean
Label SM Entertainment
Producer Lee Soo Man
Shinhwa chronology
My Choice
Perfect Man

Perfect Man is the fifth studio album of South Korean six-member boy band Shinhwa. It was released on 29 March 2002 by SM Entertainment.[1][2] The title track "Perfect Man", includes lyrics with a persuasive love theme,[3] and this is followed by second lead track entitled, "I Pray 4 U".

The album debuted at #1 on the monthly Korean Chart, becoming Shinhwa's second #1 album. It sold 355,333 copies,[4] and remained on the chart for a total of 23 weeks. The album came at #14 on the year end chart "Top 100 Albums in 2002".


Information is adapted from the liner notes of Perfect Man:[5]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "I Pray 4 U" Young H. Kim, Eric Mun Y. H. Kim, William Pyon Y. H. Kim 3:50
2. "Perfect Man" Yoo Young-jin, E. Mun Y.J. Yoo Y.J. Yoo 3:25
3. "Shout" Jamie, E. Mun S.S. Park S.S. Park 3:30
4. "Free" Lee Min-woo, E. Mun M.W. Lee M.W. Lee 4:30
5. "Fly High, E. Mun" Hong Ji-yoo Thomas Asserholt, Lee Joon-ho J.H. Lee 3:24
6. "Endless Love" Kim Jong-sook, E. Mun, Jun Jin, Andy Lee Kim Jin-hoon J.H. Kim 4:02
7. "Comeback To My Life" Lee Jin-kyung, E. Mun S.J. Hwang S.J. Hwang 3:30
8. "Honestly" Ji Kook-hyeon, E. Mun K.H. Ji K.H. Ji 3:44
9. "Red Angel" Han Hyeon-kyeong, E. Mun, Lee Sang-baek Kim Hyeong-gyu H.G. Kim 3:45
10. "Last Zone" Kim Nam-hui, E. Mun No Young-joo, Lee Jeong-hoon Y.J. No, J.H. Lee 3:16
11. "Reason" Jeong Han-jong, Rhymer, E. Mun Lee Chang-hyeon C.H. Lee 3:51
12. "In Your Love" (Korean: 너 사랑 안에; Neo Sarang Aneh) Choi Yoo-won, E. Mun Y.W. Choi Park Moon-soo 4:25

Music video[edit]

For their music video "Perfect Man", Shinhwa each held a bouquet of yellow flowers. Each members in the music video portray different people, with Lee Min-woo walking and singing first, holding his bouquet of yellow flowers and transition into Kim Dong-wan, who drove an ATV. Dongwan later changed into Andy, who is a businessman in the music video, when he enters an elevator. Andy later change into Jun Jin while doing push ups in the gym, and then change into Shin Hye-sung while he sat in a car. Hyesung walks behind a glass door that blurs his figure, and the music video switches to where Shinwha is dancing, each with a microphone stand before them. Eric is shown rapping, and he then walks out from the other side of the glass door which Hyesung had stepped in from. The music video ended with the members throwing their bouquet of yellow flowers and dancing on a stage with a crowd screaming.

Their music video for "I Pray 4 U" was much more simple, showing the members singing around a boat (owned by Minwoo in the music video). It also showed the members playing basketball against each other.

Andy's return[edit]

Andy, who did not participate in their fourth albumm Hey, Come On!, came back to participate in this one. Despite him not participating in the fourth album, whenever Shinhwa performs one of their song from the fourth album, Andy was given a line that was previously either Eric's or Jun Jin's. One such example was Hey, Come On!. Originally, Jun Jin was the one who was rapping in the beginning but whenever they perform the song at their concert or such, Andy was given the task to rap it.


Chart Peak
Korea Monthly Albums (RIAK) March 2002[6] 1
Korea Yearly Albums (RIAK) 2002[7] 14
Korea Weekly Albums (Gaon) Week ending November 23, 2013[9] 9
Korea Monthly Albums (Gaon) November 2013[8] 36

Release history[edit]

Country Date Distributing label Format
South Korea 30 March 2002 SM Entertainment CD (SM-033)[10]
Cassette (SM-034)[10]
Japan 4 September 2002 Avex Trax CD (AVCD-18036)[11]


Information is adapted from the liner notes of Perfect Man:[5]


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