Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle II

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Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle II
Perfect Selection Dracula Battle II.jpg
Soundtrack album by Naoto Shibata PROJECT
Released June 21, 1995
Genre Heavy metal ; Power metal (instrumental)
Length 42:13
Label King Records
Producer 柴田直人
Naoto Shibata PROJECT chronology
Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle
(1994)Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle1994
Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle II

Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle II (パーフェクトセレクション ドラキュラ・バトルII) is an album arranged by Naoto Shibata (from the Japanese band Anthem) and performed by Naoto Shibata PROJECT (柴田直人プロジェクト), a group of musicians he put together.[citation needed] This album features metal renditions of several classic Castlevania themes. It is the second and final album of the Dracula Battle series. It was released in Japan on June 21, 1995. The catalogue code for this album is KICA-1162.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Beginning" (from Akumajō Dracula X)
  2. "Theme of Simon" (from Akumajō Dracula -X68000-)
  3. "Road of Enemy #1" (from Dracula Densetsu II)
  4. "巣窟" [Soukutsu] (from Akumajō Dracula X)
  5. "Theme from the Legend of Dracula" (from Dracula Densetsu)
  6. "登城" [Tojou] (from Akumajō Dracula -SFC-)
  7. "Thrashard in the Cave" (from Akumajō Dracula -X68000-)
  8. "Reincarnated Soul" (from Vampire Killer)
  9. "Iron Blue Intention" (from Vampire Killer)
  10. "幻想的舞曲" [Gensouteki Bukyoku] (from Akumajō Dracula X)

Line up[edit]

  1. Naoto Shibata: all arrangement, bass guitar
  2. Katsu Ohta: guitar
  3. 斉藤和正: guitar
  4. 工藤恭司: guitar
  5. Koichi Seiyama: keyboard
  6. ジェフ藤本: synthesizer


  • "Soukutsu" roughly translates to "Den".
  • "Tojou" roughly translates to "Attendance at a Castle".
  • "Gensouteki Bukyoku" roughly translates to "Illusionary Dance".


  • KONAMI KuKeiHa CLUB (Composition)
  • Naoto Shibata (Arrangement)
  • Naoto Shibata PROJECT (Music Performance)


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