Perfect as Cats: A Tribute to The Cure

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Perfect As Cats: A Tribute to the Cure
Perfect as Cats - A Tribute to The Cure.jpg
Compilation album by
Various artists
ReleasedOctober 28, 2008
LabelManimal Vinyl

Perfect as Cats: A Tribute to the Cure is a charity record released by Los Angeles indie label Manimal Vinyl on October 28, 2008.[1][2][3] It features covers of The Cure favourites by The Dandy Warhols, Bat For Lashes, Kaki King, Devastations, ex-Godflesh frontman, Justin K. Broadrick's Jesu, Rio en Medio, Lewis & Clarke, Sarabeth Tucek, Mariee Sioux, Xu Xu Fang, Blackblack, Gangi, Rainbow Arabia and over 20 more artists and bands. The record was mastered by Xu Xu Fang's Bobby Tamkin. The proceeds of the album went to the Invisible Children charity which works with the war torn youth in Sudan.

Pitchfork rated the album a 3.9.[4]

Track listing[edit]

Disc One
1."Fascination Street" (from Disintegration, 1989)Xu Xu Fang5:37
2."A Forest" (from Seventeen Seconds, 1980)Bat for Lashes3:23
3."Killing an Arab" (from Boys Don't Cry, 1980)Hecuba2:57
4."The Walk 1" (single, 1983)Indian Jewelry5:47
5."The Walk 2" (single, 1983)Geneva Jacuzzi3:40
6."The Caterpillar" (from The Top, 1984)Astrid Quay and Ariel Pink3:52
7."Six Different Ways" (from The Head on the Door, 1985)Rainbow Arabia2:45
8."Why Can't I Be You?" (from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, 1987)We Are the World3:30
9."In Between Days" (from The Head on the Door, 1985)Blackblack2:50
10."10:15 Saturday Night" (from Three Imaginary Boys, 1979)Aquaserge with Laure Briard5:19
11."Fire in Cairo" (from Three Imaginary Boys, 1979)Gangi4:09
12."Pictures of You" (from Disintegration, 1989)Rio en Medio4:35
13."Kyoto Song" (from The Head on the Door, 1985)Joker's Daughter3:57
14."The Drowning Man" (from Faith, 1981)Caroline Weeks3:54
15."The Hanging Garden" (from Pornography, 1982)Ex-Reverie4:53
16."M" (from Seventeen Seconds, 1980)Voyager One3:33
17."All Cats Are Grey" (from Faith, 1981)Devastations6:39
Disc Two
1."Primary" (from Faith, 1981)The Dandy Warhols4:23
2."The Upstairs Room" (from The Walk B-Side, 1983)Veil Veil Vanish3:30
3."Charlotte Sometimes" (single, 1981)Wolfkin4:25
4."Jumping Someone Else's Train" (single, 1979)Army Navy5:31
5."Grinding Halt" (from Three Imaginary Boys, 1979)The Muslims2:49
6."The Exploding Boy" ("In Between Days" B-Side, 1985)Lemon Sun3:26
7."Close to Me" (from The Head on the Door, 1985)Kaki King3:37
8."Hot Hot Hot!!!" (from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, 1987)Les Bicyclettes Blanches3:52
9."Sugar Girl" ("Just Like Heaven" B-Side, 1987)Buddy4:07
10."The Lovecats" (single, 1983)Katrine Ottosen4:42
11."Lovesong" (from Disintegration, 1989)Mariee Sioux3:51
12."The Kiss" (from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, 1987)Corridor7:06
13."Let's Go to Bed" (single, 1982)Tara Busch4:16
14."The Funeral Party" (from Faith, 1981)Jesu6:52
15."Three Imaginary Boys" (from Three Imaginary Boys, 1979)Sarabeth Tucek3:42
16."Disintegration" (from Disintegration, 1989)Lewis & Clarke8:48

Additionally, several more tracks were available as iTunes exclusives:

1."A Strange Day" (from Pornography, 1982)Ich Bin Aiko4:11
2."A Night Like This" (from The Head on the Door, 1985)Silver Summit4:39
3."The Baby Screams" (from The Head on the Door, 1985)Black Hole Oscillators2:42
4."One Hundred Years" (from Pornography, 1982)The Holy Kiss7:11