Perfection, Nevada

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Perfection, Nevada
Motto(s): Home of the Graboid
Country United States
State Nevada
Settled (Rejection) 1880's
Incorporated (Perfection) 1902
Elevation 2,135 ft (651 m)
Population (1990)
 • Total 14
 • Estimate (2014) 12

Perfection, Nevada is a fictitious desert community that serves as the primary setting for the 1990 film Tremors.

It also appears in the 2001 direct-to-video sequel Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, and the 2003 Tremors television series,[1] and plays a minor role in the 1996 direct-to-video sequel Tremors 2: Aftershocks. Perfection is depicted as having a population of 14 (1990) and is the geographically isolated home of the killer subterranean worm known as the Graboid.[2] The town was originally named Rejection back in 1889, as seen in the 2004 direct-to-video prequel Tremors 4: The Legend Begins[3]


Perfection is depicted as being located within the borders of the state of Nevada, in an immense box canyon known as Perfection Valley. The valley has rocky cliffs to the north and mountains to the east and west. Only one road leads in and out of Perfection, with the exception of an old jeep trail. The road leads south to the closest town, Bixby (also fictitious), which is described as being 38 miles out.[4] In the first film, doomsday prepper Burt Gummer explained that the main reason he chose the town to build his nuclear survival bunker in was due to its geographic isolation.


In 1889, as seen in Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, the town was named Rejection. Most commerce revolved around a silver mine, known as the Bottom Dollar Mine owned by Hiram Gummer (portrayed by Michael Gross). There was a general store, known as Chang's Market, run by Pyong Lien Chang and his wife Lu Wan Chang. There was also a local inn run by Christine Lord.

Perfection in 1990, as depicted in Tremors, contains very little commercial activity. There was still Chang's Market, the general store that doubles as a post office, run by Walter Chang. Other than Chang's Market, the only other commercial activity was the unofficial business known as V & E Odd Jobs operated by handymen Valentine McKee and Earl Bassett.[2]

In 2001, as depicted in Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, Chang's Market was run by Jodi Chang, niece of the late Walter Chang. A Graboid safari, known as Desert Jack's Graboid Adventures, was established by Jack Sawyer. Also real estate company named Melco was established by Melvin Plug.

The most recent portrayal of Perfection was in the 2003 television series Tremors. Chang's Market was still run by Jodi Chang. Desert Jack's Graboid Adventures was under the management of Tyler Reed, an ex-NASCAR driver. Graboid hunter Burt Gummer started a survival school known as Burt Gummer's Survival School.[4]

In Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell Perfection appears to have been deserted and demolished, aside from Chang's Market which is now run by Burt. Jodi is mentioned to be at a law firm somewhere and to be allowing Burt to squat at the old market, but the fate of the other residents and the sterile albino Graboid known as El Blanco is never mentioned. At the end of the movie, a DARPA agent gets rid of Burt's tax liens and gives him the title to the property in exchange for a Graboid captured by Burt's son Travis and a group of scientists. After completing the deal, Burt promptly kills the Graboid to keep it out of the hands of DARPA, who express an interest in turning it into a bio-weapon.


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