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Founded 2003, Seattle, Washington
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
The logo of is an online dating and relationship service based in Seattle, Washington. The company offers what it calls the "Duet Total Compatibility System (Duet)", co-developed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Duet is modeled after the Myers-Briggs test.[1]

History[edit] is venture capital funded [2] and was founded in August 2003. It was created and is managed by Duane Dahl, Cindy Henry-Dahl, and Jason McVey who previously built and managed to over seven million members.[3] was sold to InterActiveCorp ( in 2002.[4]

Since 2003, Perfectmatch has partnered with the entertainment industry to build the Perfectmatch brand in a non-traditional manner. For example, they have partnered with iVillage, MSNBC, Oxygen Networks, Warner Bros. and NBC Universal Studios and many others.[5] The company has also been prominently featured in these entertainment-related shows or events:

The Retirement Living Television series “Another Chance for Romance” in February 2008. Hosted by Roger Lodge, the segments also featured commentary by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, utilized the Duet Total Compatibility System, and included numerous Southern California-area members of, all of whom paired up on blind dates using the Duet System.[6]

In August 2007, Commission Junction published an Advertisers Case Study about discussing how affiliate sales increased by 300 percent.[7]

The NBC Television special in June 2007 called “The Science of Love: A Modern Dating Experiment.”[8] Dr. Pepper Schwartz and the Duet Total Compatibility System were also featured.

The Warner Bros. 2005 summer movie “Must Love Dogs”, which starred Diane Lane and John Cusack as a couple who met on[9]

The company reports that an entire Valentine’s special Dr. Phil Show broadcast on February 11, 2005 resulted in 207,000 women joining their site that day.[10]

In October 2005, Perfectmatch served as the online dating service working with Live with Regis and Kelly in their efforts to assist show Production Coordinator, Lori Schulweis, during her two-week search to find her own perfect match.[11]

Perfectmatch partnered with CBS in the fall 2005 to kick off the first season of “How I Met Your Mother” by creating a matching game of the shows characters based on the Duet Total Compatibility System and helping to stage a dating/social event in New York City at Grand Central.[12]

Perfectmatch was the backdrop of the Lifetime Original teleplay “Perfect Romance” featuring Kathleen Quinlan, Henry Ian Cusick, star of “Lost”, and Lori Heuring. “Perfect Romance” originally aired in June 2004 and continues to be aired routinely.

Perfectmatch was also shown in the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

PerfectMatch was also shown in the 2007 Movie "Good Luck Chuck" Featuring Jessica Alba and Dane Cook and put out on DVD by Lions Gate Films Inc. Some young lady posts on PerfectMatch that anyone sleeping with (Lucky Charm) Dentist Charlie Logan will find their Soul Mate and Marry the next person they Date.

Duet Total Compatibility System[edit]

The Duet Total Compatibility System analyzes and takes into account each member’s personality, values and ideals, Life and Lovestyle and Preferences to identify and help them find the person right for them.[13] The company claims that “Duet is a unique and proprietary system that enables Perfectmatch to provide both the best online capabilities and member experience to those seeking a real love, a relationship or marriage.”[14]

The Duet Total Compatibility System was written and developed by Schwartz and the team. Duet does not match people only on similar character traits, but complementary traits of two potential partners.

In January 2006, Schwartz published the book Finding Your Perfect Match (Penguin) based upon The Duet Total Compatibility System.[15] According to, as of September 27, 2007, the book “helps readers identify the eight specific personality characteristics that they need to understand about themselves-and others. And the Duet(tm) Total Compatibility System, a sophisticated yet easy-to-follow series of self-tests that have helped thousands of people in their search for love, gives them an intimate and honest appraisal of who they are, what they want, and ultimately, who they should be with.

This approach not only helps reveal each person's unique romantic profile, but also identifies five major lifestyle issues that can have a dramatic impact on the long-term success of their relationships: money, sex, children, core values, and social life. Readers will also be able to uncover the deal-breakers, to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to determine whether someone is a potential match before getting deeply involved.”

The test for The Duet Total Compatibility System[16] is broken into specific testing areas: Similarity and Complementary. When scores from these two areas are combined, they give a member a description of and an explanation of their personality type.


A set of true-or-false questions addressing Romantic Impulsivity, Personal Energy, Outlook, and predictability.


A set of true or false questions addressing Flexibility, decision-making style, Emotionality, and Self-Nurturing.


Graham Spanier, President – Penn State University [17]

Barry Glassner, Ph. D – Professor, University of Southern California

Judith Sills, Ph. D – Clinical Psychologist

Ross Koppel, Ph. D – Sociology Department, University of Pennsylvania

Barbara Risman, Ph. D – Professor, North Carolina State University, Raleigh-Durham

Judith Sills, PhD – Author[18]

Pepper Schwartz[edit]

Relationship expert[citation needed] Pepper Schwartz is a published authority and a tenured professor of Sociology at the University of Washington.[19] Schwartz regularly lectures on topics ranging from communication between men and women in intimate and work relationships, to maintaining personal and family well-being in today's world.

She has appeared as a frequent guest expert on the Today Show, Oprah,[20] The Dr. Phil Show and CNN. Her written contributions have appeared in the New York Times, Parents Magazine, Psychology Today, iVillage, and Schwartz has authored 16 books,[21] including 'Everything You Know About Love and Sex Is Wrong and Finding Your Perfect Match: Eight keys to finding lasting love through true compatibility.[22]

Schwartz holds a B.A. and an M.A. from Washington University in St. Louis where she was also a Woodrow Wilson Fellow. She holds an M.A. and PhD in Sociology from Yale University. In August 2005, she received the national award for the Public Understanding of Sociology by the American Sociological Association and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Matrix Award for Achievement in Education.[23]


Perfectmatch consciously avoids attracting members interested only in casual dating.[24] Perfectmatch has seen an increased level of membership in the 50+ demographic.[25] allows same sex matches on their site.[26]


In 2006, was stung with controversy over complaints about poor service and failure to response to refund requests. The Washington State Attorney General's office collected 18 complaints[27] and about 30 complaints[27] were filed with the Better Business Bureau from 2002 to 2006.

As of September 2015, numerous complaints to the BBB, of which Perfect Match is not accredited, and Consumer Reports proves that this company's web site availability and profile matching are undependable and the site contains scammers and fake profiles. Attempts for refunds are ignored as well.


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