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Perficient, Inc.
S&P 600 Component
IndustryManagement consulting
HeadquartersSt. Louis, Missouri
Area served
Key people
Jeffrey S. Davis (CEO)
RevenueUS$498.4 million (2018)[1]
US$35.94 million (2018)[1]
US$24.6 million (2018)[1]
Number of employees
≈3,500 (2019)

Perficient, Inc. is a consulting firm serving enterprise customers throughout North America.[2] The company's efforts include enterprise mobile applications, creative services, marketing, digital strategy[3] Internet of Things,[4] information technology, management consulting, custom development, and platform implementations.

The firm primarily performs project-based work, a large portion of which involves business intelligence and portal collaboration. Perficient also has offshore capabilities.[5][6]

Perficient has offices in North America, Europe, India, and China.[7]


Formation and early years[edit]

The company was founded in Austin, Texas in August 1997 by Bryan Menell. The first angel investors in the company were Steve Papermaster and David Lundeen. The company secured its first channel partnership with Vignette, a provider of content management systems.

The company held its initial public offering on July 29, 1999. In December 1999, the company completed its first acquisition of LoreData based in New London, Connecticut. In May 2000, Perficient acquired Compete, Inc.

In 2001, Vertecon Inc. was acquired.[8]

Jack McDonald became CEO of Perficient in 1999 and chairman in 2001. McDonald served in both positions until 2009.[9] Lori Hawkins of Statesman noted that during McDonald's tenure, Perficient "grew from eight employees to more than 1,200 worldwide and had annual sales of $200 million."[10] According to the St. Louis Business Journal in August 2009, "during the second quarter, Perficient lost $196,000 on $44.9 million in revenue, compared with a $3.9 million profit on $59.1 million in revenue during the same period last year" (in 2008).[11]

Jeffrey Davis became Perficient's COO in 2001 and president in 2003.[12] Davis was named CEO in September 2009.[11]

During Davis' tenure as CEO, the firm transitioned from the Nasdaq SmallCap Market to the Nasdaq Global Select Market.[5] By 2014, Davis had helped[how?] Perficient buy 13 companies in deals worth a combined $232.3 million since taking over as CEO in 2009.[13]

In 2011, Perficient acquired business and management consulting firm Exervio for $13.6 million.[14] In 2012, Perficient acquired PointBridge Solutions, LLC for $22 million.[15] Perficient then acquired services and technology consulting firm Nascent Systems LP in July, 2012.[16] Also in 2012, Perficient acquired Northridge Systems.[17]

In 2013, Perficent acquired TriTek Solutions Inc., an IBM-focused enterprise content management and business process management consulting firm for $18.5 million.[18] Perficient then acquired two firms, CoreMatrix Systems LLC[19] and Clear Task, Inc.[20]

In 2014, the company made three acquisitions: ForwardThink Group,[19] BioPharm Systems,[21] and the IBM Smarter Commerce Division of Trifecta Technologies.[22] Perficient also announced that year its plans to open a domestic delivery center in Lafayette, Louisiana.[23]

In 2015, Perficient acquired Market Street Solutions, Inc.,[24] an IT consulting firm. In December 2015, Perficient acquired Enlighten, a digital marketing agency.[25]

In 2016, Perficient launched a new digital marketing agency called Perficient Digital. Over 200 Perficient employees work under the new Perficient Digital banner, with most of them in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Milwaukee; St. Louis; and Irvine, California.[26]

In 2017, Perficient acquired RAS & Associates, LLC,[27] a Denver-based management consultancy In June 2017, Perficient acquired Clarity Consulting a Chicago-based consultancy where approximately 160 technology, sales, consulting, and general and administrative professionals were added, making it the largest acquisition to date.[28]

In 2018, Perficient acquired Southport Services Group, LLC,[29] a Washington D.C.-based MicroStrategy shop, offering analytics and data expertise.[30] In July 2018, Perficient acquired Stone Temple Consulting,[31] a Boston-based digital marketing agency founded by Eric Enge rounding out Perficient’s  overall engagement in the digital space and depth around search engine optimization.[30] In October 2018, Perficient acquired Elixiter, Inc.[32]

In 2018, Perficient’s services revenue came in at $494 million, a year-over-year increase of 11%.[33]

In May 2019, Perficient acquired Fargo, North Dakota-based Sun dog Interactive, a firm that provides business-to-business marketing and Salesforce consulting to leading manufacturers.[34]


Perficient acquisitions
Company Date Acquired Capabilities Purchase Price Former Headquarters
Elixiter, Inc. October 29. 2018 Digital agency, Marketo (undisclosed) Bozeman, MT
Stone Temple Consulting Corporation July 16, 2018 Digital agency (undisclosed) Framingham, MA[35]
Southport Services Group Apr 3, 2018 Data Analytics, Business Intelligence (undisclosed) Washington, DC[36]
Clarity Consulting June 23, 2017 Microsoft, Unified Communications (undisclosed) Chicago, IL[4]
RAS & Associates January 4, 2017 Management Consulting (undisclosed) Denver, CO[37]
Bluetube October, 2016 Digital agency (undisclosed) Atlanta, GA[38]
Enlighten December, 2015 Digital agency (undisclosed) Ann Arbor, Michigan[39]
Market Street Solutions, Inc. Sep, 2015 IT Consulting $5.3 million Chattanooga, Tennessee[40]
Zeon Solutions Inc. and Grand River Interactive LLC Jan, 2015 E-Commerce Solutions $35.7 million Milwaukee, Wisconsin[41]
IBM Smarter Commerce Division of Trifecta Technologies May, 2014 IBM WebSphere Commerce $13.7 million Allentown, Pennsylvania[42]
BioPharm Systems April, 2014 Life Sciences Technology Consulting $17.6 million San Francisco, California[43]
ForwardThink Group February, 2014 Financial Services Consulting $46 million New York City[44]
CoreMatrix Systems LLC October, 2013 $21.5 million New York City[45]
Clear Task, Inc. May, 2013 $7.9 million San Francisco[46]
TriTek Solutions May, 2013 IT Consulting $18.5 million Annandale, Virginia[18]
Northridge July, 2012 IT Services $14.4 million Atlanta[47]
Nascent Systems LP June, 2012 IT Services $18.1 million Dallas, Texas[48]
PointBridge Solutions February, 2012 Web Content Management $22 million Chicago[49]
JCB Partners LLC July, 2011 Enterprise Performance Management $18 million Denver, Colorado[50]
Exervio, Inc. April, 2011 Management Consulting $13.6 million Charlotte, NC[14]
speakTECH December, 2010 Web Design $15 million Costa Mesa, California[51]
Kerdock Consulting March, 2010 Enterprise Performance Management $6 million Houston, Texas[52]
ePairs November, 2007 CRM $6 million Cupertino, California[53]
BoldTech Systems, Inc. September, 2007 Offshoring $20.8 million Denver, Colorado[54]
Tier1 Innovation, LLC June, 2007 CRM $14.3 million Denver, Colorado[55]
E-Tech Solutions February, 2007 IT Consulting $12.2 million Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[56]
Energy, Government and General Business (EGG) division of Digital Consulting & Software Services, Inc. July, 2006 IT Consulting $12.9 Million Houston, Texas[57]
Insolexen May, 2006 Enterprise Application Integration $13.4 million Novi, Michigan[58]
Bay Street Solutions April, 2006 CRM $9.3 million San Francisco, California[59]
Vivare September, 2005 Service Oriented Architecture $9.4 million Dallas, Texas[60]
iPath Solutions June, 2005 Enterprise Content Management $7.9 million Houston, Texas[61]
ZettaWorks LLC March, 2005 IT Consulting $10.7 million Houston, Texas[62]
Meritage Technologies June, 2004 Enterprise Portals and Collaboration $9.5 million Columbus, Ohio[63]
Genisys Consulting Inc. April, 2004 IT Consulting $7.9 million Chicago[64]
Vertecon Inc. October, 2001 IT Consulting (undisclosed) St. Louis, Missouri[65]
Javelin Solutions October, 2001 IT Consulting (undisclosed) Minneapolis[66]
Compete, Inc. May, 2000 IT Consulting $63 million Lisle, Illinois[67]
LoreData December, 1999 IT Consulting (undisclosed) New London, Connecticut


In 2013, Perficient made two acquisitions related to New York City-based CoreMatrix Systems and San Francisco-based ClearTask.[45]


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