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A performance package is a set of functional enhancements to the driveline of a vehicle, sold and priced as a unit.

This package may contain one or more of the following enhancements

  • Greater engine torque
  • Greater engine power
  • Lower ratio gears to enhance low end performance, now rare due to requirements for model specific emissions (smog control) and mileage (CAFE) certification
  • A greater number of speeds in the gearbox, manual or automatic
  • Clutchless manual transmission, usually including steering wheel paddle shifter controls
  • Turbocharger or supercharger, perhaps with intercooling
  • Cold air induction
  • Dual exhaust system
  • Special low back pressure mufflers, often with a distinctive (and sometimes quite loud) sound
  • Special cosmetic badging, hood scoop, or grille color, not usually related to performance but making the presence of the package obvious

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