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The Performing Arts Center of MetroWest (PAC) is located at 3 Maple Street, Framingham, Massachusetts in the lower level of the St. Andrews Episcopal Church, near Framingham State University and Rte. 9. PAC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit[1] and accredited member of the National Guild of Community Arts Education.[2]

PAC is a community arts center that has been providing high quality, affordable education and performance opportunities in Music, Theater and Dance, for all ages and stages of development for over 35 years.

PAC offers individual instruction in musical instruments, voice and acting; classes and workshops in music, theater, and dance; theater performance opportunities for children, teens and adults; a dance therapy program for children with special needs; student and faculty recitals; and performances in the community and other special events.[3]

PAC has a strong history of collaborating with service organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metrowest, the Hoops and Homework after-school program, the Framingham Public Library and the Metrowest YMCA to bring educational and performing arts opportunities to underserved communities in the Metrowest Boston area.[4]

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