Performing in The Zone

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Performing in The Zone - Unleash your true performing potential!
Author Jon Gorrie
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Createspace
Publication date
3 July 2009
Media type Paperback
Pages 224 pp
ISBN ISBN 1-4421-1099-6
OCLC 426030736

Performing in The Zone is a practical handbook about performance psychology written by Jon Gorrie. It aims to help all performers achieve an ideal state of mind in performing situations, so that they may unleash their true performing potential. "Performing in The Zone" was published in 2009, and is divided into four main sections: The Theory, The Techniques, The Programme, and Digging Deeper

The Theory[edit]

The first section of "Performing in The Zone" introduces The Alternative Performance Equation (an expanded version of Barry Green's equation mentioned in The Inner Game of Music) and uses this equation to explain why different performers perform at different levels. A key part of this equation is the symbol 'a', which represents 'the appropriateness of performance arousal level'. This section elaborates on the phenomenon of performance arousal, and explains where it comes from, why it is experienced, how it can be manifested, and how it can be a help or a hindrance to performers in performing situations.

The Techniques[edit]

This section provides a number of exercises and techniques which are intended to help gain control of performance arousal level. A selection of these techniques include: adding value, breathing, cue cards, feigning confidence, 'going peripheral', Laughter Yoga, living in 'the now' (ref. Eckhart Tolle, posture, pre-performance rituals and mantras, qigong, role models and role play, self talk, and visualisation exercises.

The Programme[edit]

This is a 12 week programme which incorporates a selection of the techniques from the previous section.

Digging Deeper[edit]

An introduction to further help control of performance arousal. Subjects discussed in this section include diet and exercise, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), audio programmes, and personal coaching.

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