Perfume (TV series)

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Original language(s)German
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes6
Producer(s)Oliver Berben, Sarah Kirkegaard
CinematographyJakub Bejnarowicz
Editor(s)Bernd Schlegel
Camera setupSingle-camera
Production company(s)
  • Constantin Film
Original network

Perfume (German: Parfum) is a German TV-series produced for ZDFneo on air since November 14, 2018.[1] The series is both inspired by the novel of the same name by Patrick Süskind and the 2006 film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, which was also produced by Constantin Film. International airing rights have been acquired by Netflix.[2] There, the series will be released on December 21, 2018.[3]


The corpse of a woman is found on the Lower Rhine, whose red hair, the pubic and the axillary hair have been removed. The investigators Nadja Simon and Matthias Köhler and prosecutor Grünberg, with whom Nadja has an affair, encounter five former boarding school students, who know the victim from their school days and experimented with human scents back then, inspired by the novel Perfume. In addition, the unresolved case of a then disappeared boy moves into focus. When his body is found, he has the same mutilations as the first victim. Even a prostitute is murdered, she too is disfigured in the same way. Meanwhile, Nadja learns that she is pregnant by Grünberg. He is not ready to leave his wife and wants an abortion. When she refuses, he ends the relationship.


Actor Role Episodes Season
Friederike Becht Nadja Simon 1– 1
Wotan Wilke Möhring Staatsanwalt Grünberg 1– 1
Juergen Maurer Matthias Köhler 1– 1
August Diehl Moritz de Vries 1– 1
Ken Duken Roman Seliger 1– 1
Natalia Belitski Elena Seliger 1– 1
Christian Friedel Daniel „Zahnlos“ ("Toothless") Sluiter 1– 1
Trystan Pütter Thomas Butsche 1– 1
Marc Hosemann Jens Brettschneider 1– 1
Anja Schneider Elisabeth Grünberg 1- 1
Oskar Belton Roman (young) 1– 1
Valerie Stoll Elena (young) 1– 1
Franziska Brandmeier Katharina (young) 1– 1
Albrecht Felsmann Daniel ("Toothless") Sluiter (young) 1– 1
Leon Blaschke Moritz (young) 1– 1
Julius Nitschkoff Butsche (young) 1– 1
Carlotta von Falkenhayn Elsie 1– 1
Susanne Wuest Lydia Suchanow (psychiatrist) 1– 1
Karl Markovics Elena's Father 1– 1
Thomas Thieme Internatsleiter 1– 1
Siri Nase Katharina ("K") Läufer 1 1


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