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Perhaps album cover.jpg
Studio album by The Associates
Released 9 February 1985
Label WEA
The Associates chronology
Wild and Lonely

Perhaps is the third studio album by Scottish post-punk/new wave band The Associates, released on 9 February 1985 by record label WEA. It is the first album without founding multi-instrumentalist Alan Rankine.


With the departure of Alan Rankine and Michael Dempsey, The Associates were effectively a Billy Mackenzie solo project for this album. MacKenzie started work with Steve Reid, a guitarist from Dundee and Howard Hughes, an accomplished keyboard player in late 1982 after the departure of Rankine and came up with an album's worth of material.


The recording sessions were chaotic, and the resulting album was deemed unreleasable by Warner Music Group, who demanded Billy work on it to make it releasable. The master tapes for this version went missing over the Christmas period in 1982 (allegedly Billy hid them due to his own dissatisfaction with the record).[citation needed] The album was restarted from scratch and was finally finished after a further two years in 1985 with four different producers. It cost £250,000 to make, a lot of money for even a major label record in those times.[citation needed]


Perhaps was released on 9 February 1985. The album was a commercial failure, making number 23 in the UK charts but only selling around 40,000 copies, putting Billy in significant debt to Warner Music Group.[citation needed]

For years Perhaps was only available on vinyl and cassette. However, due to the reissue program of Associates material after Billy Mackenzie's death, it was re-released along with the unreleased The Glamour Chase album in a double CD package in 2002. The bonus instrumentals included on the original cassette release were not included.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[1]
Smash Hits 8/10[2]

Trouser Press wrote "To write it off with a snide 'perhaps not' would be a cheap shot, but more than generous", calling it "undanceable dance music with a few ho-hum twists. The lyrics include strange, gratuitous, incomprehensible non sequiturs; the music is at best uninvolving, even if you listen for sheer sound and ignore the pose."[3]

Track listing[edit]

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Those First Impressions"  
2. "Waiting for the Loveboat"  
3. "Perhaps"  
4. "Schampout"  
5. "Helicopter Helicopter"  
6. "Perhaps (Instrumental)"  
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Breakfast"  
2. "Thirteen Feelings"  
3. "The Stranger in Your Voice"  
4. "The Best of You"  
5. "Don't Give Me That 'I Told You So' Look"  


  • Billy Mackenzie – vocals
  • Steve Reid – guitar
  • Howard Hughes – keyboards
  • Roberto Soave – bass guitar on "Thirteen Feelings", "The Stranger in Your Voice" and "The Best of You"
  • Steve Goulding – drums on "Schampout" and "Helicopter Helicopter"
  • Jim Russell – percussion on "Schampout"
  • Ian Mcintosh – guitar on "Those First Impressions"
  • Eddi Reader – vocals on "The Best of You"
  • Martyn Wareproduction
  • Martin Rushent – production
  • Dave Allen – production
  • Greg Walsh – production


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