Peri, Estonia

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Peri is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°01′02″N 27°05′15″E / 58.01722°N 27.08750°E / 58.01722; 27.08750Coordinates: 58°01′02″N 27°05′15″E / 58.01722°N 27.08750°E / 58.01722; 27.08750
Country Estonia
County Põlva County
Municipality Põlva Parish
First mentioned 1554[1]
Population (01.01.2010[2])
 • Total 364

Peri is a village in Põlva Parish, Põlva County in southeastern Estonia. It's located about 4 km (2 mi) southeast of the town of Põlva. Peri has a population of 364 (as of 1 January 2010).[2]

Peri was first mentioned in 1554 (Memskul, Perrist).[1] The Peri knight manor is known to have existed already in 1544 when it belonged to the von Tödwen family. In the 18th century, it was acquired by the von Glasenapps and in 1863 by the Lilienfelds who were the last owners before the dispossession in 1919. The wooden Baroque main building has not survived.[3][4]

After the Soviet occupation the manor's and nearby farms' lands were nationalizated and a Vilde-named kolkhoz was established. Therefore the village centre now contains several Soviet-styled residential and industrial buildings.[4] A local society centre with a library operates in Peri.

Peri village is passed by an 18 km long Peri stream.

Geneticist Riin Tamm (born 1981) spent her childhood living in Peri before going to a gymnasium in Tartu.[5]


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