Peringalkuthu Dam

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Peringalkuthu Dam
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Shutter of Peringalkuthu Dam
Peringalkuthu Dam is located in India
Peringalkuthu Dam
Location of Peringalkuthu Dam in India
Peringalkuthu Dam is located in Kerala
Peringalkuthu Dam
Peringalkuthu Dam (Kerala)
Peringalkuthu Dam is located in Tamil Nadu
Peringalkuthu Dam
Peringalkuthu Dam (Tamil Nadu)
Official namePeringalkuthu Dam
LocationChalakudy, Thrissur, Kerala
Coordinates10°18′55″N 76°38′04″E / 10.3152°N 76.6344°E / 10.3152; 76.6344Coordinates: 10°18′55″N 76°38′04″E / 10.3152°N 76.6344°E / 10.3152; 76.6344
Construction began1949
Opening date15 May 1957
Operator(s)Kerala State Electricity Board
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsChalakkudi River
Height23 metres
Length290.25 metres
CreatesChalakkudi River

Peringalkuthu Dam is a concrete dam built across the Chalakkudi River in Thrissur district, Kerala state of India.[1] It also contains Peringalkuthu Hydro Electric Power Project of Kerala State Electricity Board who owns the dam. This is the first hydro electric power project to build on the Chalakkudi River. The dam is situated in deep forest and special permission is needed to visit the dam.[2][3][4][5][6]

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