Peristeri (stream)

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Peristeri (Περιστέρι)
Country Greece
Location Messenia
Basin features
Main source Kyparissia Mountains
River mouth Ionian Sea
37°17′31″N 21°41′33″E / 37.2919°N 21.6926°E / 37.2919; 21.6926Coordinates: 37°17′31″N 21°41′33″E / 37.2919°N 21.6926°E / 37.2919; 21.6926

The Peristeri (Greek: Περιστέρι, literally "pigeon") is a small river in northwestern Messenia, in the western Peloponnese in Greece. It empties into the Ionian Sea.


The main branch of the river has its source in the Kyparissia Mountains, near the village Tripyla. It flows to the northwest, and meets its main tributary 3 km southwest of Kopanaki. The river continues to the west, and flows into the Gulf of Kyparissia, a bay of the Ionian Sea, in Kalo Nero.

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