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Perl Besch Moselseite.JPG
Coat of arms of Perl
Coat of arms
Perl  is located in Germany
Location of Perl within Merzig-Wadern district
Luxembourg Perl Mettlach Losheim am See Merzig Beckingen France Weiskirchen Wadern Rhineland-Palatinate Saarlouis (district) Saarbrücken (district) Neunkirchen (German district) Sankt Wendel (district)Perl in MZG.svg
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Coordinates: 49°28′N 06°22′E / 49.467°N 6.367°E / 49.467; 6.367Coordinates: 49°28′N 06°22′E / 49.467°N 6.367°E / 49.467; 6.367
Country Germany
State Saarland
District Merzig-Wadern
 • Mayor Ralf Uhlenbruch (CDU)
 • Total 75.06 km2 (28.98 sq mi)
Elevation 146-429 m (−1,261 ft)
Population (2016-12-31)[1]
 • Total 8,472
 • Density 110/km2 (290/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 66706
Dialling codes 06867
Vehicle registration MZG
Website Official website
A road in Perl
The Schloss Berg at Nennig

Perl is a municipality in the district Merzig-Wadern, in Saarland, Germany. In 2010 its population was 7,593.



It is situated on the right bank of the river Moselle, on the border with Luxembourg and France, approx. 25 km southeast of Luxembourg City. It is joined by a bridge across the Moselle River with Schengen in Luxembourg and by a second bridge between Nennig and Remich. A fine Roman mosaic has been found in the village Nennig, part of the municipality of Perl.


The municipality counts Perl and 13 villages (Ortsteil):[2]

Arms Village Area (km²) Population (2010)
Wappen Perl.svg Perl 2.96 2,129
Wappen Besch.svg Besch 7.82 1,304
Wappen Borg (Saarland).png Borg 7.98 390
Wappen Bueschdorf.svg Büschdorf 4.23 303
Wappen Eft-Hellendorf.svg Eft-Hellendorf 9.92 312
Wappen Kesslingen.svg Keßlingen 2.34 126
Wappen Muenzingen.svg Münzingen 1.78 50
Wappen Nennig.png Nennig 9.73 1,149
Wappen Oberleuken.svg Oberleuken 7.14 544
Wappen Oberperl.svg Oberperl 3.05 483
Wappen Sehndorf.svg Sehndorf 2.73 227
Wappen Sinz.png Sinz 6.72 331
Wappen Tettingen-Butzdorf.svg Tettingen-Butzdorf 4.77 374
Wappen Wochern.svg Wochern 3.88 188


  • 1989 - 2007 : Anton Hoffmann, CDU
  • 2007 - 2015 : Bruno Schmitt, SPD
  • 2015 -  : Ralf Uhlenbruch, CDU


The municipality Perl can claim itself since more than 250 years as a school place. Oldest records about school teaching and school buildings date back to the year 1743.The Schengen Lyzeum Perl is the first cross-border grammar school which offers the German and Luxembourg diploma.

Main sights[edit]

Roman mosaic floor[edit]

The Roman mosaic in Nennig with a size of 160m², is the largest mosaic north of the Alps. It was rebuilt in 1874 and restored in 1960. The mosaic is with its 15.65 m x 10.30 m large, ornamental decorated surface a gem and exceeds all mosaics, which were found in the Moselle region in Roman palaces and mansions so far.

Roman Villa Borg[edit]

The Roman Villa Borg was reconstructed faithfully with lobbies, public baths, gardens and Roman tavern. In Borg they cook after original recipes of the Roman gourmet Apicius. In addition there is still another set of showcases in which presented the finds from the Roman and Celtic time.

Palace von Nell and parc von Nell[edit]

In 1733 the hereditary tenant of the Trier Cathedral Chapter constructed a stately house (palace), which changed later into the possession of the family from Nell. The residential building is a nine-axle, two-storey building with a front length from 24.30 m and a high kerb roof. Opposite the palace is a garden portal with double-barreled outside staircase that leads in the "Parc of Nell", which was transformed in the context of the project "Gärten ohne Grenzen" to the baroque garden.

Besch military cemetery[edit]

The military cemetery commemorates the fallen of the Second World War. Three large stone crosses stand atop a blown up bunker,. The cemetery is the last resting place of 1279 German dead and also 950 war victims of other nations.

Schloss Berg[edit]

Schloss Berg in Nennig actually consists of two castles, the lower and the upper castle. The lower castle is in private property and the upper castle was rebuilt later to the Renaissance-Schloss. Today it is a luxury hotel, a gourmet restaurant and a modern casino.


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