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For the synthetic fiber, see Nylon 6.

Perlon is an electronic music record label founded in Frankfurt, Germany, based in Berlin, and run by Zip and Markus Nikolai. It is a minimal techno and microhouse label whose sound features vocals and peppery sounds. Producers such as Ricardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, Stefan Goldmann, Luciano, Matt John, Dandy Jack, Akufen and Pantytec have released records on Perlon. It is a vinyl only label, apart from a few compilations and mixes released on CD. No released have been made available online in any digital format.

Perlon has run a monthly party at Berlin's Panorama Bar, 'Get Perlonized' since its opening in 2005, featuring only DJs who have also released on the label. The record label is known for its distinctive graphic design, done for every release by Chris Rehberger of the graphic design studio Double Standards. [1]


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