Permafrost: Literary Journal

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Permafrost: Literary Journal
Permafrost Volume 30 from 2008.jpg
Cover of Volume 30 (2008)
Editor Jaclyn Bergamino
Categories Literary magazine
Frequency Annual
First issue Summer 1979
Based in Fairbanks, Alaska
Language English
Website [1]
ISSN 0740-7890

Permafrost is the farthest north literary journal in the United States. Based out of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Permafrost publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and photography from around the country, Canada, and Europe. While not officially dedicated to writing from Alaska, since 2005 the content has represented an increasingly northern flavor, publishing interviews with such notable Alaskan writers as Gerri Brightwell, Derick Burleson, and Richard Nelson. Recent cover art has been predominantly influenced by Alaskan culture, highlighting the likes of painter David Mollett and photographer Larry McNeil.

Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2008, Permafrost continues to publish notable writers/artists such as Allen Ginsberg, Ilya Kaminsky, and Andy Warhol alongside up and coming writers such as Dan Pinkerton, Billy Thorpe, and Siân Griffiths. More recently, Permafrost has published work by BJ Hollars and Brian Oliu. The journal's staff is 20 to 30 volunteers from the UAF English Department and specifically students of the MFA in Creative Writing program.

Permafrost Book Prizes[edit]

Each year the journal sponsors an annual book prize. The winner of the 2010 competition was poet Richard Sonnenmoser for Science-Magic School. Past winners include Briton Shurley (2007), Holly Iglesias (1999), and Laurie O'Brien (1994).

Circulation and Specs[edit]

As one of the growing journals in the field, Permafrost's circulation reached 500 copies in 2008. Situated as the farthest north journal, Permafrost publishers are 350 miles from the nearest city, and separated by country borders beyond that. The journal continues to increase its circulation yearly due to swelling online sales, growing interest from libraries, and the continued support of the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the Alaska Humanities Forum.

In 2008, the journal's dimensions were 8.5 by 5 inches, and was 196 pages in length.

Past Editors[edit]

1977: Neil Williams 1990: Ellen E. Moore 2001-2: Tom Helleberg, Jenny Lagergren
1978: Elyse Guttenberg 1991: Steve Baily 2003: Rachael Alonzo
1979: Greg Divers 1992: Sandra Keith, Karen Sylte 2004: Jeff Gaskin
1980: Linda Schandelmeier 1993: Kip Knott 2005-6: Steve Goerger
1981: Harley Stein, Tina Matthews 1994-5: Dafna Rica Ezran 2007: Brian Keenan
1982: Karl Flaccus, Robert R. Weeden 1996: Julie Filapek, Jennifer Roberts-Luevano 2008: Jamison Klagmann
1983-4: Roberta Roth Laulicht, David Sims 1997: T.J. O'Donnell 2009: Kyle Mellen
1985-6: R.H. Ober, Alys Culhane 1998: Tricia Yost, Thomas A. Porter 2010: Jessica Bryant
1987: Natalie Kusz, Marcia Mason 1999: Sydney Glasoe, David Houston Wood 2011: Sharon Frantz
1988-9: Robin Lewis 2000: Christian Lybrook 2012: Christie Hinrichs
2013: Caitlin Scarano 2014: Caitlin Woolley 2015: Jaclyn Bergamino

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