Permanent Representative of Honduras to the United Nations

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Permanent Representative of Honduras to the United Nations
Representante Permanente de Honduras ante las Naciones Unidas
Flag of the United Nations.svg
Mary Elizabeth Flores Flake

since April 29, 2010
Honduran Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Style Her Excellency
Appointer Porfirio Lobo Sosa
Formation December 17, 1945

The Permanent Representative of Honduras to the United Nations (Spanish: Representante Permanente de Honduras ante las Naciones Unidas) is the Chief of Mission of the delegation of Honduras, and highest permanent representative of the Government of Honduras to the United Nations.

The official duty of the Honduran Permanent Representative, currently Mary Elizabeth Flores Flake, is to represent the interests of Honduras during all plenary meetings of the General Assembly in the absence of a senior officer (such as the Minister of Foreign Relations (Honduras) or the President of Honduras). Flake is also the first woman to be appointed as the Permanent Representative of the Honduran Mission, before the United Nations.

Ms. Flores has served as Vice-President of the National Congress of Honduras since 2006 and presides over sessions over national issues. Ms. Flores is also a leading figure in her country’s politics, advocating causes ranging from constitutional reforms, health and environmental initiatives and energy conservation to issues of ethics, transparency and human rights. She has spearheaded numerous social projects, including some directed towards the needy in the poverty-stricken areas of Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa, and invested in micro-financing programmes for women in small businesses. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication from the University of Loyola in New Orleans, in 1997. She also obtained a law degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras in 2009.[1]

Flake is also the daughter of former Honduran President Carlos Roberto Flores (1998-2002), and was born on December 6, 1973. She has two children.

The following is a chronological list of those who have held the office:[2]

# Ambassadors Years served
1 Dr.Tiburcio Carias, Jr. 1950–1957
2 Marco Antonio Batres Sept.1957-Dec.1957
3 Carlos Adrian Perdomo 1958–1960
4 Dr. Francisco Milla Bermudez 1960–1963
5 Policarpo Callejas 1964–1965
6 Humberto Lopez Villamil 1965-1969
7 F. Salomon Jimenez Munguia 1969-(Chargé)
8 Dr.Ramon Villeda Morales Sept.1971-Oct.1971(Deceased)
9 R. Martinez Ordoñez 1971–1977
10 Mario Carias 1977–1982
11 Dr.Enrique Cortez Colindres 1982–1983
12 Dr. Roberto Herrera-Cacerres 1983–1986
13 J.R. Martinez-Ordoñez 1986–1987
14 Jorge R. Hernandez Alcerro 1987–1988
15 J.R. Martinez-Ordoñez 1988–1990
16 Roberto Flores Bermudez 1990–1992
17 Juan J. Cueva Membreño 1992–1994
18 Hugo Noe Pino 1998–1999
19 Angel E. Orellana Mercado 1999-2001
20 Manuel Acosta Bonilla 2002-2006
21 Ivan Romero Martinez 2006-2007
22 Jorge Arturo Reina Idiaques 2008-2010
23 Mary Elizabeth Flores 2010–Present