Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations

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Ambassador of India to the United Nations
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Syed Akbaruddin.jpeg
Syed Akbaruddin

since January 2016
Style His/Her Excellency [1]
Appointer President of India
Formation 1946

The Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations is the India's foremost diplomatic representative to the United Nations. The permanent Representative (UN ambassador)[2] is the head of a diplomatic mission to the United Nations (UN).

The current Permanent Representative of India is Syed Akbaruddin, who was appointed in January 2016.[3]

List of Indian Permanent Representative to the United Nations[edit]

This is a list of Indian Permanent Representative to the United Nations.[4]

Name Portrait Entered office Left office Notes
Samarendranath Sen September 1946 March 1948 Permanent Liaison Officer To The UN
Sir Benegal N. Rau March 1948 1948 Minister Representative to the UN
Rajeshwar Dayal December 1949 August 1954
Arthur S. Lall September 1954 December 1958
C. S. Jha January 1959 July 1962
B. N. Chakrvarthy August 1962 July 1965
G. Parthasarathy August 1965 December 1968
Samar Sen January 1969 July 1974
Rikhi Jaipal July 1974 May 1979
Brajesh C. Mishra Brajesh Mishra.jpg June 1979 March 1981
Natarajan Krishnan April 1981 September 1986
C.R. Gharekhan October 1986 December 1992
Mohammad Hamid Ansari Hamid ansari.jpg January 1993 January 1995
Prakash Shah February 1995 July 1997
Kamalesh Sharma Commonwealth Secretary-General (cropped).jpg August 1997 May 2002
V. K. Nambiar May 2002 May 2004
Nirupam Sen September 2004 March 2009
Hardeep Singh Puri May 2009 February 2013
Asoke Kumar Mukerji April 2013 December 2015
Syed Akbaruddin Syed Akbaruddin.jpeg January 2016 Incumbent

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