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Pakistan Ambassador to the United Nations or officially the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations is the diplomatic head representing Pakistan on all platforms of the United Nations (UNO) in New York City. Apart from the Pakistan Mission to the UN in New York, there is another Pakistan Mission based at the UNO office in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Mission is usually headed by a career Foreign service officer, but has historically been led by an eminent personalities from business, media, law and other areas and are usually political appointees. The current ambassador is Hussain Haroon, who was appointed by the PPP-led coalition in July 2008 after the dismissal of veteran Munir Akram because he opposed seeking United Nations help to interrogate Benazir Bhutto's assassination.[1]

List of ambassadors[edit]

Name Entered office Left office
Patras Bokhari 1951 1954
Prince Aly Khan February 1958 May 1960
Muhammad Zafrulla Khan 1961 1964
Syed Amjad Ali 1964 1967
Agha Shahi 1967 1972
Iqbal Akhund 1972 ?
Niaz A. Naik 1978 1982
Sardar Shah Nawaz 1982 1989
Jamsheed Marker September 1990 March 1995
Ahmad Kamal March 1995 August 1999
Inam-ul-Haq August 1999 February 2000
Shamshad Ahmad February 2000 May 2002
Munir Akram May 2002 September 2008
Hussain Haroon September 2009 October 2012
Masood Khan October 2012 January 2015
Maleeha Lodhi February 2015


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