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The Permanent Way Institution is a technical Institution which aims to provide technical knowledge, advice and support to all those engaged in rail infrastructure systems worldwide.

Permanent Way is used to describe the course of a railway line, including the components that form the track, aggregate that supports the track and the civil engineering assets covering bridges, tunnels, viaducts and earthworks.


The Permanent Way Institution is split up into a number of sections throughout the United Kingdom and also has internationally located sections across the world.

Membership is open to anyone who is either actively involved in the rail industry, retired or just has a general interest in rail infrastructure engineering.

Home Sections are:

Ashford, Croydon & Brighton, Glasgow, London, North Wales, Wessex, Birmingham, Darlington & NE, Manchester & Liverpool, Nottingham & Derby, South & West Wales, West Yorkshire, Bristol & West of England, Edinburgh, Lancaster, Barrow & Carlisle, Milton Keynes, Sheffield & Doncaster, Thames Valley, York,

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The Journal (technical journal published quarterly)

Understanding Track Engineering - An essential introduction to the theory and practice of railway track engineering in the UK

Design of Railway Switches & Crossings in Flat Bottom Rail

Design of Railway Track in Bull Head Rail

Plain Line Maintenance of Track

Switch & Crossing Track Maintenance

Track Terminology

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