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Permanon is the trademark name for a line of nano engineered finishes for hard surfaces developed in Germany by Permanon GmbH and has found applications in marine, transportation, and janitorial/maintenance settings. Since its incorporation in 1997, the company specializes in the research and development of new and highly potential methods to clean and protect surfaces. Although production is divided into several segments, in general, it is aimed at prevention of contaminating particles penetrating into the pores of surfaces, and long-term protection of surfaces.

Permanon is a leading-edge High-tech development in terms of surface-protection and cleaning on the basis of pure monomolecular silicon {not to be confused with Silicone}. Silicium, with the abbreviation SI14 in the periods system, is a natural product and is, after H2O, the most frequently occurring element on earth.[citation needed] Silicium is found in sand and glass as well as in the human body. Even in the medical field, silicium in used in the research and development of new medicines. Permanon products with silicium do not undergo any chemical reaction with the material to be coated. Through a complex procedure, it was developed to create a static attractive force on all surfaces, without damaging the surface materials.

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