Perovo Solar Park

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Perovo Solar Park
Perovo Solar Park is located in Crimea
Perovo Solar Park
Location of the Perovo Solar Park in Crimea
Location Perovo, Crimea, Ukraine
Coordinates 44°54′N 33°56′E / 44.900°N 33.933°E / 44.900; 33.933Coordinates: 44°54′N 33°56′E / 44.900°N 33.933°E / 44.900; 33.933
Status Operational
Solar field
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 200 ha (494 acres) 200 ha (2 km2)
Power generation
Units operational 440,000
Nameplate capacity 100 MW
Average generation 132.5 GWh[1]

The Perovo Solar Park is a 100 MWp photovoltaic power station located at Perovo in Crimea. As of July 2012 it is the world's fourth-largest solar farm, and is made up of 440,000 solar panels. It is owned by Activ Solar, and the final 20 MW stage was completed on December 29, 2011.

In 2009, Ukraine established a feed-in tariff of €0.46 per kilowatt hour until 2030, one of the highest.[2]

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