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Perry Bhandal
Feature Film Director Perry Bhandal.jpg
Perry Bhandal, feature film director, writer, producer
Born (1968-01-12) 12 January 1968 (age 49)
Slough, Berkshire, U.K.
Residence Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Nationality British
Alma mater University of Manchester
Years active 2009–present

Perry Bhandal (born 12 January 1968) is a British film director, screenwriter, and producer of the film Interview with a Hitman, which stars Luke Goss.

Early life[edit]

Bhandal was born in Slough, England and is of Sikh heritage. He received a BSc from the University of Manchester and two M.A.s in Film & Creative Writing at the University of Brunel in Middlesex. Straight after Brunel he wrote, produced, directed & edited his first short film in 1991.


Bhandal continued writing after his short film completing a number of screenplays and dabbling in novel writing. In 2009 he decided to return to the film business proper. In May 2009 Bhandal set up the film production company Kirlian Pictures Ltd and began packaging and presenting the feature script Penumbra. The size of the budget for this first feature led to pressure from Investors to hand over the directorial reigns to someone with a track record. Bhandal chose not to part with the project and instead set about developing a lower budget feature called Interview with a Hitman.[1]

Bhandal shot Interview with a Hitman in 18[2] days in August 2011 on location in Newcastle and Bucharest. The film had its market premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2012 and has gone on to sell in Major territories worldwide.[3][4]

Interview with a Hitman was released theatrically in the UK on 20 July 2012. It was released in the US on 5 March 2013.[5]

The film has achieved critical acclaim[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20] with Bhandal's distinctive style[21][22][23][24][25][26][27] being particularly noted. On Interview with a Hitman, Bhandal shot all of the film digitally so that he could achieve more depth and detail during the scenes as the vast majority of the film is set at night.

Bhandal is currently working on his second feature Penumbra.


Feature Films[edit]

Year Title Credited as
Director Screenwriter Executive Producer
2012 Interview with a Hitman Yes Yes Yes




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