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Perry Chen
Born June 21, 1976
New York City
Occupation Artist and Chairman of Kickstarter
Website Perry Chen Studio

Perry Chen is an American artist and entrepreneur best known for being the creator and principal founder of Kickstarter, the online funding platform for creative projects. He came up with the idea for Kickstarter in 2001[1] and launched it in 2009 along with co-founders Charles Adler and Yancey Strickler.[2][3]


Chen, co-founded the Southfirst gallery in Brooklyn in 2001,[4] was a TED Fellow in 2010,[5] a resident of Laboratorio para la Ciudad in Mexico City in 2014,[6] and is a 2016 Director's Fellow at the MIT Media Lab.[7]

In December 2014, he exhibited "Computers in Crisis" for the New Museum's First Look program, co-presented by Rhizome and Creative Time Reports.[8] The exhibition included the event Y2K+15, an exploration of the phenomenon and legacy of Y2K, held at the New Museum.[9]

In 2013, he was honored on the annual list of Time's 100 most influential people.[10]

Chen is an alumnus of Hunter College High School in New York City and Tulane University in New Orleans.[11]

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