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Green circa 1913
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Perry Joseph Green of Portland, Oregon was a philosopher and preacher of the New Thought Movement in the early 1900s.[1][unreliable source?][2]



  1. ^ "History of the New Thought Movement". Retrieved 2010-03-01. Prior to 1907, W. K. Jones was a leading pioneer in making the New Thought known in Portland, Oregon. ... There was also a council of five appointed, Dr. J. J. Story, Perry Joseph Green, Mrs. O. N. Denny, Dr. Mary Thompson, and T. O. Hague, with Florence A. Sullenberg, secretary. ... Other centres developed from the Fellowship Society and adopted the name New Thought.
  2. ^ Unity. Unity Tract Society. 1912. She will be in Portland, Oregon, during the month of June, where she goes by invitation of Perry Joseph Green of that city ... Those desiring to avail themselves of Mrs Ridge's services may address her now at her Minneapolis address, or after June 1st, care of Perry Joseph Green, Temple of Truth, corner 7th and Alder Sts., Portland, Oregon. Cite has empty unknown parameter: |coauthors= (help)