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Perry Marshall
Perry marshall wikimedia commons sm.jpg
Perry Marshall in Chicago, IL
Alma materUniversity of Nebraska
Occupationmarketing consultant, author

Perry Sink Marshall is an American online marketing consultant, and author of books on internet marketing.[1][2] He is a Christian proponent of continuationism and evolutionary creation, and has lectured and written on these topics.[3]


Marshall is the son of a pastor.[4] He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.[citation needed]

Work and publications[edit]

Marshall was a national sales manager at Synergetic Micro Systems; he left in 2001 after the company was bought by Lantronix.[5] He started a marketing consultancy, Perry S. Marshall & Associates, and published his first book, Industrial Ethernet – A Pocket Guide. It was followed by second and third editions, co-written with John Rinaldi.[6]

Marshall learned to use Google AdWords soon after it was first introduced, and became an expert user.[7][8][9]

In 2002 he released Guerrilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People, an audio CD.[10] With Bryan Todd, he wrote the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords in 2006, and the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords in 2007.[11]

In 2011, with Thomas Meloche, Marshall published Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

In 2007, Marshall was a consultant on The Next Internet Millionaire, hosted by Joel Comm; he discussed Richard Koch's 80/20 rule.[12] He later wrote 80/20 Sales and Marketing, published in 2013.[13] reviewed it as one of the "5 Best Sales Books of 2013."[14]

In 2015 he published Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin And Design (BenBella Books, Inc., ISBN 978-1940363806).


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