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Perry Park Ranch, formerly Pleasant Park Ranch, is an unincorporated community in southwestern Douglas County, Colorado, United States.


Perry Park Ranch is known for the dramatic array of 'red rock' sandstone rock formations. They are part of the Fountain Formation which is found along the eastern mountain face of the Front Range.

The Pike National Forest and Rampart Range neighbor the community to the west.


The Perry Park area was originally inhabited by the Ute, Kiowa, Arapaho and Cheyenne Native American tribes. It was not settled by American immigrants until the 1858 Pike's Peak Gold Rush near present-day Colorado Springs. Then ranchers, such as Ben Quick and George Ratcliffe, began settling in the area.

Pleasant Park[edit]

In 1870 John D. Perry, president of the Kansas Pacific Railroad, visited Colorado and purchased the 4,000-acre (16 km2) "Pleasant Park" that would eventually be named Perry Park. Mr. Perry's son, Charles became a permanent resident of the ranch and raised short-horn cattle in the area until his death in 1876. Charles Perry died as a result of being kicked by a horse on the ranch.

In 1888 John Perry, along with a number of other investors created the Red Stone Town, Land and Mining Company which would attempt to turn Pleasant Park into a resort destination. A dam was constructed on Bear Creek creating Lake Wauconda and a large hotel was built Southwest of the lake.

One of the investors, Charles Roberts built one of the only homes in the new development along the shores of Lake Wauconda (even though the entire area surrounding the lake was platted for home development). The Roberts home (the Manor House) is now the clubhouse for Perry Park Country Club.

Attempts to extend the railroad running through Larkspur directly into the park failed and the resort did not prosper as a result. Land deed problems also contributed to the failure of the resort since many parcels of land could not be legally traced to the supposed owners. The ranch changed hands many times in the early to mid 1900's. The hotel was eventually destroyed by fire.

Perry Park Ranch[edit]

In 1967, Lee Stubblefield (a retired Air Force officer) purchased the ranch for $2,000,000 and formed the Colorado Western Development Company. Mr. Stubblefield platted the current layout of Perry Park Ranch. The Perry Park Country Club was also developed during this time and opened in 1971.

The platted area within the park continues to be developed by outside real estate investors and future residents. As platted lots become improved with roads and utilities (initiated and paid for by lot owners), homes are permitted to be built.

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