Perry River

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This article is about the Perry River in Canada. For other uses, see River Perry.
Perry River
Perry River is located in Nunavut
Perry River
Location in Nunavut
Native name Kuukyuak
Country Canada
River mouth Chester Bay, Queen Maud Gulf
67°43′N 102°14′W / 67.717°N 102.233°W / 67.717; -102.233Coordinates: 67°43′N 102°14′W / 67.717°N 102.233°W / 67.717; -102.233

Perry River (Kuugjuaq) is a waterway in Kitikmeot Region, Nunavut, Canada. It empties into Chester Bay on the southern Queen Maud Gulf.[1]

At one time, Stephen Angulalik, and later Red Pedersen, ran a Hudson's Bay Company outpost at Perry River.[2]

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