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Persepolis Athletic and Cultural Club
Full namePersepolis Athletic and Cultural Club
NicknamesRed army
Founded1963 (1942 as Shahin)
Based inTehran, Iran
Colors     Red
PresidentIraj Arab (acting)
WebsiteOfficial website
Departments of Persepolis
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Taekwondo pictogram.svg Swimming pictogram.svg Weightlifting pictogram.svg
Taekwondo Swimming Weightlifting
Futsal pictogram.svg Futsal pictogram.svg Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg
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Wheelchair basketball Judo Athletics
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Persepolis Athletic and Cultural Club (Persian:باشگاه فرهنگی ورزشی پرسپولیس تهران) is an Iranian multisport club based in Tehran, Iran. It was established by Ali Abdo. The club is most known for its football team, Persepolis F.C. which competes in the Iran Pro League. It also fields teams in Futsal, Taekwondo, Volleyball, and Wrestling. Persepolis Athletic and Cultural Club also owns and operates Persepolis University, Persepolis TV and Radio, Persepolis Energy Drink and Persepolis Restaurants.


Shahin F.C. (1942–1967)[edit]

Shahin F.C.
Many of the players shown in this photo went on to play for Persepolis.

Shahin was established in 1942 by Dr. Abbas Ekrami, a teacher.[1][2] Ekrami founded the club with help of some young students under the motto

Shahin produced many talented players like Parviz Dehdari, Masoud Boroumand, Homayoun Behzadi, Jafar Kashani, Hossein Kalani, Hamid Shirzadegan, and many more that played for Team Melli. These talents made Shahin popular in the 1960s but its very popularity was viewed as a threat by the Iran Football Federation and the Keihan Varzeshi newspaper (Iran's most important sports publication at the time).[4] The conflict between them became worse and on 9 July 1967, two days after Shahin's 3–0 win against Tehranjavan F.C., the Iran Sports Organization declared Shahin F.C. as dissolved.[4] League attendance dropped and other clubs including Pas, Rah Ahan, and Oghab tried to sign Shahin players.

Establishment early years (1963–1969)[edit]

Persepolis squad in the 1960s

Persepolis Athletic and Cultural Club was established in 1963 by Ali Abdo.[5] Abdo had returned to Iran from the United States and was a championship boxer.[5]

Persepolis F.C. started the 1968 season with Parviz Dehdari as manager.[5] Despite the efforts to sign and disperse Shahin players to various clubs, Parviz Dehdari and Masoud Boroumand transferred the popularity of Shahin to Persepolis F.C. by taking most Shahin Players to join Persepolis.[5] The team was initially quite weak, and participated in the 2nd division of the country. The best player on the team then was Mahmoud Khordbin.

The club, using four Shahin players, had a friendly match with Jam Abadan, a respected team at the time. After the match the remainder of the Shahin players joined Persepolis. That year no league competition was held, as many teams had been dissolved, so a 44-team tournament was held, and Persepolis, along with Pas, Taj, and Oghab finished top of the group.

The next year they represented as the first Iranian club in the Asian Champion Club Tournament held in Thailand, but they were not successful and were eliminated in the group stage.[5]


# Chairperson Nat Tenure Honours
1 Ali Abdo Iran
United States
December 1963–January 1975 Iranian Football League
Winner:71–72, 73-74
Runner-up: 74-75
2 Mostafa Makri Iran January 1975–February 1979 Iranian Football League
Runner-up: 76-77, 77-78
Espandi Cup
Tehran Hazfi Cup
3 Firouz Aminiyan Iran April 1979–October 1980
4 Heydar Boustani Iran October 1980–September 1981 Tehran Provincial League
Akbar Diyani Iran September 1981–December 1981
5 Mohammad Reza Rezayian Iran December 1981–December 1986 Tehran Provincial League
Tehran Hazfi Cup
Runner-up:1981, 1983

Tehran Provincial League
Mohammad Ali Deghatpour Iran December 1986–February 1987
6 Abbas Vakil Iran February 1987–June 1988 Hazfi Cup
Winner: 87-88
17th of Shahrivar league
Tehran Provincial League
Winner: 1987, 1988
Tehran Hazfi Cup
Winner: 1987
Mohammad Hossein Eslami Iran June 1988–April 1989
Kazem Rahimi Iran April 1989–June 1990 Iranian Football League
Runner-up: 89-90
7 Abbas Ansarifard Iran June 1990–November 1993 Iranian Football League
Runner-up: 92-93
Hazfi Cup
Asian Cup Winners' Cup
Winner: 1991
Tehran Super Cup
Winner: 1992
8 Amir Abedini Iran November 1993–January 2001 Iranian Football League
Winner: 95-96,
96-97, 98-99, 99-00
Runner-up: 93-94, 2000–01
Hazfi Cup
Winner: 98-99
9 Abbas Ansarifard Iran January–May 2001
Ali Parvin Iran May–October 2001*
10 Ali Mirzaei Iran October 2001–June 2002 Iranian Football League
11 Akbar Ghamkhar Iran June 2002–June 2004
Hojatollah Khatib Iran June 2004–December 2005*
12 Mohammad Hassan Ansarifard Iran December 2005–June 2007 Hazfi Cup
13 Habib Kashani Iran June 2007–June 2008 Iranian Football League
14 Dariush Mostafavi Iran June 2008–January 2009
15 Abbas Ansarifard Iran January 2009–October 2009
16 Habib Kashani Iran October 2009–September 2011 Hazfi Cup
Winner:09-10, 10-11
17 Mohammad Rouyanian Iran September 2011–January 2014 Hazfi Cup
Ali Parvin Iran January 2014–April 2014* Iranian Football League
18 Alireza Rahimi Iran April 2014–September 2014
Behrouz Montaghami Iran September 2014–November 2014*
19 Hamid Reza Siasi Iran November 2014–June 2015
20 Ali Akbar Taheri Iran June 2015–November 2017 Iranian Football League
Winner: 2016–17

Iranian Super Cup
Winner: 2017
21 Hamid Reza Garshasbi Iran November 2017–December 2018 Iranian Football League
Winner: 2017–18
Iranian Super Cup
Winner: 2018
AFC Champions League
22 Iraj Arab Iran December 2018–present*

*as Interim Chairman.


Owner Tenure
Iran CRC Company 1963–1979
Iran Physical Education Organization 1980–1986
Iran Mostazafan Foundation 1986–1989
Iran Physical Education Organization 1989–1993
Iran Ministry of Industries and Mines 1993–2002
Iran Physical Education Organization 2002–2011
Iran Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports 2011–2014
Iran Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance* [7][8]
Iran Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
Iran Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports 2015–present



Persepolis University[edit]

It is first Iranian sport university which opened in 2013. Dariuosh Soudi was appointed as the first president of the university and Mehdi Mahdavikia was the first student of this university. This university has 600 students and accepts students in thirteen different fields.

Some fields provided by the university:

  • Football Coaching
  • Futsal Coaching
  • Fitness
  • Sport Reporting
  • Match Commentary



Persepolis Football Club who play in Iran Pro League. According to the AFC, Persepolis is Asia's number one supported club team. Only Dalian Shide and Al-Hilal have similar support in Asia. Persepolis is the most successful football club in Iran with the record of 11 titles in Iranian domestic football league as well as 5 domestic cup titles. Persepolis has also won an Asian Cup Winners' Cup.[9] The current manager is Branko Ivankovich.




Persepolis Futsal Club is a futsal team that play's in the Iran Futsal's 1st Division, the second tier league in Iran. The team formerly played in the Super League, but after it ceased operations for a year, it was given a placement in the 2013–14 1st Division season. In 2014 Persepolis Futsal Club was again promoted to the Iranian Futsal Super League.


Persepolis WFSC is a women's futsal team the plays in the Iranian Women's Super League.[10]


On 16 August 2012, under the approval of chairman Mohammad Rouyanian the Persepolis Weightlifting Team was established. Behdad Salimi the gold medallist at the 2012 Olympics became the team's first signing.


Persepolis' taekwondo team was founded recently, they have won one Iranian domestic championship.


The Persepolis Swimming Team was founded after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The team has won the national competition once in its history.

Track and Field[edit]

The Persepolis Track and Field team was founded in August 2012 with the permission of chairman Mohammad Rouyanian. Olympic bronze medallist Ehsan Hadadi became the team's first ever signing.


With the name of Abdo Bowling Club, it was one of Persepolis' first teams and was created by founder Ali Abdo. After the Iranian Revolution the team was dissolved.


Persepolis VC is one of the oldest volleyball teams in Iran, it has currently ceased operations due to lack of funds.





Wheelchair Basketball[edit]



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