Perseus-Pisces Supercluster

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Perseus-Pisces Supercluster
Supercúmulo Perseo Piscis.gif
A map of the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster
Observation data (Epoch )
Constellation(s) Perseus, Pisces
Right ascension 01h 50m
Declination +36° 00′
76.7 Mpc (250 Mly)
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The Perseus-Pisces Supercluster (SCl 40) is one of the largest known structures in the universe. Even at a distance of 250 million light-years, this chain of galaxy clusters extends more than 40° across the northern winter sky. The Perseus-Pisces Supercluster is one of two dominant concentrations of galaxies in the nearby universe (within 300 million light years) which are placed on either side of the Local Supercluster and along the plane of our galaxy. This supercluster also borders a prominent void, the Taurus Void.

The main clusters of the Perseus–Pisces Supercluster are Abell 262, Abell 347, and Abell 426.

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Coordinates: Sky map 01h 50m 00s, +36° 00′ 00″