Perseverance Dam

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Perseverance Dam
Location 35 km Northeast of Toowoomba, Queensland
Coordinates 27°17′13″S 152°07′05″E / 27.287°S 152.118°E / -27.287; 152.118Coordinates: 27°17′13″S 152°07′05″E / 27.287°S 152.118°E / -27.287; 152.118
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Perseverance Creek
Primary outflows Perseverance Creek
Catchment area 110 km2 (42 sq mi)
Basin countries Australia
Built 1962 (1962)
Surface area 2.5 km2 (0.97 sq mi)
Max. depth 23.1 m (76 ft)
Water volume 30,140 ML (24,430 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 446.08 m (1,463.5 ft)

Perseverance Dam is the second largest, (in terms of storage capacity) and the second oldest dam of Toowoomba city's three water supply dams. The other two storages used for Toowoomba are Cooby Dam and Cressbrook Dam which is located downstream of Perseverance.

Construction of this dam commenced in 1962[1] and was completed in 1965. Perseverance dam is located approximately 35 km Northeast of Toowoomba on Perseverance Creek, which is a tributary of Cressbrook Creek.

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