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Coordinates: 28°54′34″N 50°49′16″E / 28.909479°N 50.8211211°E / 28.909479; 50.8211211

Persian Gulf University
دانشگاه خليج فارس
Type Public
Established 1991
President Dr. Abdolmajid Mosleh
Academic staff
Students over 7,000
Location Bushehr, Bushehr Province, Iran
Campus Urban
Athletics 3 teams

Persian Gulf University (in Persian: دانشگاه خلیج فارس) is a university in Bushehr Province of Iran.

Established in 1991 as Bushehr University, the university has 7 schools, offering 24 bachelor's degrees, and 33 master's degrees and 3 Ph.D degrees.


Persian Gulf University is located in the coastal city of Bushehr. It is a state university under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Established in 1991 as Bushehr University, it started as a "Technical & Engineering College" with two majors of Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

Today, Persian Gulf University (PGU) consists of eight faculties and one Institute of Higher Education named Lian including 12 non-integrated engineering departments which all offering undergraduate courses leading to bachelor's degrees (B.A. or B.S.) in 25 disciplines, postgraduate courses leading to master's degrees in 43 subjects and doctoral courses leading to Ph.D degrees in 12 subjects.


Faculty of Humanities

Library Sciences and Management, Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Accounting, Industrial Management, Business Management, Economics, History

Faculty of Arts and Architecture


Faculty of Engineering

Computer Engineering (Software), Mechanical Engineering, Marine engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Horticulture, Fisheries, Plants Production

Faculty of Gas and Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering (Gas), Chemical Engineering (Petrochemical,Chemical Engineering (Hydrocarbons)

Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Jam

Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Marine Science and Technology

Intercontinental Transportation Management

Persian Gulf Research Institute

Institute of Higher Education[edit]

Higher Education Institute of Lian

Computer Software Engineering [1]
Computer Hardware Engineering [2]
Electric Engineering [3]
Architecture Engineering [4]
Civil Engineering [5]


  1. Dr Abdolmajid Mosleh (Chancellor)
  2. Dr Habibollah Saeedinia (vice Chancellor for Education and Postgraduate Affairs)
  3. Dr Shahriar Osfouri (Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology)
  4. Dr Shobeir Ashkpour (Vice chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs)
  5. Dr Ahmad Shirzadi (Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs)
  6. Dr Syyed Haydar Far Shirazi (Vice Chancellor for Socio-Cultural Affairs)
  7. Dr Abdoolmohammad Movahhed (Director of Chancellor's Office and Public Relations)

Persian Gulf University,Davvas, Shahid Mahini Street, Bushehr 7516913817 IRAN

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