Persian Percussion Electrified

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Persian Percussion Electrified
Ramin Rahimi Persian Percussion Electrified.jpg
Studio album by Ramin Rahimi
Released November 19, 2012
Genre World music, Persian Folk music
Length 78:23
Label ARC Music
Producer Ramin Rahimi, Mahyar Dean
Ramin Rahimi chronology
The Pulse of Persia
(2010)The Pulse of Persia2010
Persian Percussion Electrified

Persian Percussion Electrified is the third studio album by Ramin Rahimi, drummer for the power metal act Angband. The album was released on November 19, 2012, through ARC Music. It features Mahyar Dean and Farshad Shokuhfar from Angband as well as many other professional musicians.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "For Your Love" Rahimi  
2. "Crazy for Tomorrow" Rahimi  
3. "Warm Cozy Club" Rahimi  
4. "Sumerian Dance" Rahimi  
5. "Southern Dream" Rahimi  
6. "Let’s play together" Rahimi  
7. "When a Gypsy Loves a Persian Girl" Rahimi  
8. "Listen to me and play it!" Rahimi  
9. "Wake up at 6 a.m!" Rahimi  
10. "I stand Alone" Rahimi  
11. "For Your Love (rock version)" Rahimi  
12. "Let’s play together (rock version)" Rahimi  


  • Ramin Rahimi - Drums and percussions
  • Farshad Shokuhfar - Bass
  • Mahyar Dean - Electric Guitar
  • Reza Darbandi - Santour, Barbat
  • Milad Derakhshani - Tar
  • Farid Raoufi - Acoustic Guitar
  • Pouria Zarrabi - Flamenco Guitar
  • Homayoun Poshtdar - Kamancheh
  • Parsa Ehteshami - Ney
  • Sohrab Darabi - Congas
  • Mohsen Sharifian - Ney-Anban
  • Ehsan Abdi Pour - Sorna
  • Nazanin Rahimi - Soprano
  • Nazanin Zahedi - Soprano
  • Taraneh Saeedi - Soprano
  • Produced by Ramin Rahimi and Mahyar Dean
  • Recorded at Rahgozar studio, Tehran
  • Sound engineered by Soheil Saeedi
  • Mixed by Farshad Shokuhfar
  • Mastered by Diz Heller
  • Cover design by Sara Ash


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