Persian legislative election, 1923

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Persian legislative election, 1923
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All 138 seats to the National Consultative Assembly
  First party Second party Third party
  SMTadayyon.jpg Soleiman Eskandari.jpg Modarres.jpg
Leader Mohammad Tadayon Soleiman Eskandari Hassan Modarres
Party Revival Party Socialist Party Reformers' Party
Leader's seat Birjand Tehran Tehran
Seats won 40[1] 14[1] 8[1]

Prime Minister before election

Reza Khan
Revival Party

Elected Prime Minister

Reza Khan
Revival Party

The Persian legislative election of 1923 was held in November 1923 after the appointment of Reza Pahlavi as Prime Minister by Ahmad Shah Qajar. It was the last election in the Qajar Dynasty. Parliament opened on 11 February 1924.[2]

During the elections, Reza Khan used the military to manipulate the elections in many tribal constituencies and gave allied Revival Party and Socialist Party majority.[3] Only elections in Tehran was not manipulated.[4]


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