Persina Nature Park

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Persina Nature Park
Danube at Belene
The Danube between Belene and Persin Island
LocationBelene, Bulgaria
Coordinates43°40′N 25°10′E / 43.667°N 25.167°E / 43.667; 25.167Coordinates: 43°40′N 25°10′E / 43.667°N 25.167°E / 43.667; 25.167
Area21,762 ha (53,780 acres)
CreatedDecember 4, 2000 (2000-12-04)
Official nameBelene Islands Complex
Designated24 September 2002
Reference no.1226[1]

Persina Nature Park (Bulgarian: Природен парк Персина) is a wetland area along the Bulgarian side of the Danube that was established on December 4, 2000. Situated on the territory of three municipalities (Nikopol, Belene and Svishtov), it covers 21,762 ha (53,780 acres). The designation of the park aims at conservation and restoration of Danube wetlands. Special attention is paid to the numerous islands and their natural status. The park is named after Persin Island, which is part of the Belene Islands Complex. It is 15 km (9.3 mi) long and 6 km (3.7 mi) wide, making it the fourth largest Danube island and the largest in Bulgaria. Another island group is located near Nikopol. Because of its uniqueness and high importance, the island group was proclaimed a Ramsar site on September 24, 2002. At 18,330 ha (45,300 acres), it is the biggest such site in Bulgaria. The most significant ecosystems within the park are the flooded forests along the Danube and the inland marshes. In order to protect these habitats, several protected areas are established. A visitor centre for the park is located in Belene.


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