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Person of the Year or Man of the Year is an award given by any type of organization, but most often by newspapers or other news media, to recognize a public person each year. Such awards have usually been awarded to one person, near or after the end of a calendar year. The awardee is usually someone widely known in the news media's audience. A local newspaper typically gives a Person of the Year award to a local person. However, prominent Person of the Year awards have been given to persons well beyond the scope of a given news market, to animals (Secretariat), to two or more persons in the event of a tie and to groups of persons whose membership is not clear (Ebola fighters).[1] Also the award is presented annually by some organizations but may be a one-off or occasional event for others. The award can be facetious or serious. The chosen person is usually someone who has been notably influential or prominent during the year, and could also be a hero or a villain. Unlike most awards, it is externally oriented- the award is given to someone who is not a member and may have no association with the awarding organization. A local award's selection process is often seen to be politically influenced, as dramatized in a Parks and Recreation television show episode.

Interest in nominees and final selection of the Time's Person of the Year award is very prominent in the U.S. news and internationally as well; it is widely covered in other media. In 2014 Time's went to "Ebola fighters". The 2014 Financial Times Person of the Year award went to Apple executive Tim Cook.[2] Vladimir Putin was named person of the year by Aviation Week & Space Technology,[3] an organization that has given the award annually since about 2005.[4]

Variations on the theme include "Business Person of the Year", or "Small Business Person of the Year", or "Entrepreneur of the Year", commonly awarded by local chambers of commerce or other economic boosters.[5] "Woman of the Year" awards are also given. Junior League chapters have long given "Woman of the Year" awards.[6] The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's usage stretches the meaning of the term: they gives "Man & Woman of the Year" awards to fundraising volunteers locally and nationally in the U.S. each year, terming each dollar raised during a 10-week period to be a vote.[7]

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