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A Personal Information Display is any device that displays user-configured information, which can be a combination of static and dynamically-generated data. Unlike a full-blown computer, it is a small, simple Internet-connected device which consumes little power, runs silently, is highly reliable, and provides little or no opportunity for real-time user interaction.

Examples of data[edit]

User-generated static data[edit]

  • to-do lists
  • reminders
  • electronic sticky notes

Dynamically-generated data[edit]

  • news headlines
  • stock quotes
  • weather forecasts
  • package-tracking status

Most, if not all, of the dynamically-generated data comes from RSS and other XML-based sources.

Examples of devices[edit]

The Chumby fits many of these criteria, but the Pertelian and WidgetStation displays are simpler and come closer to meeting the low-interactivity requirement of a personal information display.[citation needed]

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