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The Personal Support Unit (PSU) is a charity whose volunteers support litigants in person. It does not provide legal advice, but offers practical guidance and emotional support to help clients solve their problems.

It has offices in:

  • the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand
  • the Principal Registry of the Family Division at First Avenue House, High Holborn
  • Wandsworth County Court
  • Manchester Civil Justice Centre
  • Sheffield Combined Courts Centre
  • Cardiff Civil Justice Centre
  • Birmingham Civil Justice Centre
  • Leeds Combined Court Centre

PSU volunteers are experienced and highly skilled. They are familiar with the court buildings in which they work and the workings of the civil courts. The service is free, independent, confidential, impartial and open to all.

The PSU helps litigants in person, witnesses, victims, their friends, families and supporters, and other court users. It is also happy to help clients who have legal representation but would like extra support. All aspects of the work are subject to an equal opportunities policy and the service is offered equally to everyone who asks.

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