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The Perth Mint Certificate Programme allows individuals, and corporations to own investment grade gold, silver and platinum bullion stored in vaults in the Perth Mint of Western Australia (established 1899). The bullion is stored in a government mint and insured by Lloyd's of London. The programme is guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia which is currently rated as AA+ by Standard and Poor's and Aa1 by Moody's Investor Services.

When investors buy precious metals, they receive a Precious Metal Certificate which is akin to a certificate of ownership. It details their name and the number of ounces of the metal that they own and that is stored on their behalf in the mint. The quantity will depend on the price of the metal per ounce and the amount they have decided to invest. Perth Mint Certificates are highly liquid and can be sold by fax and phone call.


  • Perth Mint is owned by the Government of Western Australia and has been providing investors with secure vault storage of precious metals along with trading facilities since 1899.
  • Western Australia is rated AA+ by the US international credit rating agency, Standard and Poor's.
  • The bullion bar products of the Gold Corporation group are accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).
  • PMCP metal is insured (at The Perth Mint's expense) by Lloyd's of London.


  • There are no storage fees for unallocated (unsegregated) precious metals.
  • There are no import or export duties on precious metals in Australia for non-residents. An investor can collect precious metals from The Perth Mint or arrange insured delivery to an international location.
  • The minimum purchase requirement is USD 10,000. Minimum subsequent purchase or sale amount is USD 5,000.
  • Investors can holding metals (gold, silver and platinum) in bullion coin or bullion bar form.
  • The Perth Mint is operated by the Gold Corporation, an Australian precious metals group created by statute in 1987 and wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia.
  • The Perth Mint Certificate Program is the only government-guaranteed, precious metal accumulation program in the world.
  • Transaction confidentiality is provided for under the Gold Corporation Act 1987 and the Perth Mint Certificate Programs administrative procedures.

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