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This article is about the space communications station. For the railway station, see Perth railway station. For the railway station in Scotland, see Perth railway station, Scotland.

Perth Station is an ESTRACK radio antenna station for communication with spacecraft. The station is located at the Perth International Telecommunications Centre in the suburb of Cullacabardee.

The site hosts a 15-metre diameter antenna that transmits in S-band and receives in both S- and X-bands.

There were plans to upgrade to X-band transmission in 2004. There is also a GPS Tracking and Data Facility. The site has its own no-break power plant.

The facility is used to routinely communicate with the XMM-Newton spacecraft. It is also used during the Launch and Early Orbit Phase of various satellite launches.

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Coordinates: 31°48′09″S 115°53′07″E / 31.8025°S 115.8852°E / -31.8025; 115.8852